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The forgetful pleasure of Cooking

Our society is changing at fast pace. The big change seen in today’s world is that the majority of people avoid cooking food by themselves. The scenario is either hire a cook, order from online restaurants, tiffin services or buy packaged food. On one hand this habit and reluctance towards cooking has given a new business to society.

But on the other hand the question is aren’t we moving to the world where we can’t do the most, the basic necessity of cooking by ourselves, for our loved ones. For every other work, we are relying on machines and gadgets, we are on a realm of forgetting to use our hands. We are moving  away from our basic human character.

There is no reluctance if one doesn’t cook. But the reason behind not cooking is, cooking taken as a very counterproductive activity. In today’s community anybody who cooks for family is considered as old fashioned and conservative. People spend huge amount of money and time in gym to burn their calories accumulated due to unhealthy outside food on regular basis. Cooking is a task that makes people feel orthodox and outdated. The basic belief of eat healthy and stay healthy has been vanished. The idea of being healthy and health conscious is first eat unhealthy and reduce your unnecessary calories and fat.  Social status is being considered as if one is cooking by self or has a cook.

Where both genders are working, neither of two perceive the need to cook. The urban women consider cooking as an obsolete task which once used to be done by our mothers  and men feels it is not his job, not his duty to cook. Ideally both should be supportive and helping each other to cook food and have a healthy meal. The magical impact would be health they will get and a bonding of love, bonding of being partners will transform their life. It will also help in end of tug of war between genders.  The overall society will move towards humanity, by considering the basic human nature that is having food cooked by own hands. Health and humanity both will sustain in this way. Cook for family, cook with family!

I think careful cooking is love, don’t you? The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who’s close to you is about as nice a valentine as you can give. – Julia Child