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Impressive People: A Face in the Crowd-WPC

Photo Challenge: A Face in the Crowd

My interest in photography begun when I was a kid, and increased as my brother gifted me a Kodak camera. Clicking pictures of almost everything was my interest but as the roll used to be limited for 32 picture only. I had to limit my interest and prioritize. Getting them developed from a studio was also a challenge but my interest was alive. I had pics of my plants, their leaves buds and flowers. In my eyes photos I capture are painting without paint brush, as I love painting as well. I have been capturing people mostly without letting them know or from back, and different places and scenery. This is the first time I am sharing my pictures with the world, after creating with this blog.

Here I go with my “A Face In The  Crowd”.

An old man driving a horse carriage, on a cold winter day, pre – Christmas event! Seemed SANTA is coming on a horse cart this time 🙂
20589226008_cbb96fa155_o (1)
My daughter dressed for some school event(when she was 3 yrs). I had to make a collage and I cut this image, but I loved the remaining silhouette image and saved it! LOVE YOU!
Caring for each other, SWEET SISTERS!
Enter Loving father, carrying daughters bags and stuff, who already moved ahead of him! LOVE!a caption



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