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Cute Lil 🌸Angel – Above All!

Daily Prompt-ABOVE

Lying on the operation table, ready for another c-section, I was only wondering how everything is going to be. Things were different from my last cesarean. This time it was pretty early.  Soon the baby was out and in next few minutes eager to hear her cry, I was only hoping that all is good. With all my leftover awaken senses and brain completely on what going on that side of the screen.

And then I could hear the cry, the cry which gave me a sigh to relief at that time. 🙂 Soon the pediatrician brought her to me and she (yes, baby girl) was above me, cheek to cheek a cute little angel!

She is still above all of us, the youngest little girl. Love you both my little Angels!

I think after having kids, everything else is trivial, and kids are above all…

My daughter’s hand posture, when she was just a month old. It seems she is meditating!

 Do you feel the same, please share your purview.
🌸Have a Good Day!🌸