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NoIsE aNd tHe eNd 🏗 🏢…

the noise broke the silence,

the heartfelt strange,

is someone in danger,

rushed to follow the sound,

the construction site got smashed,

the dust blew all over,

making  everything fade,

the bird’s shriek like never,

the noise produced a terror,

avid, to find about the labor,

enquired some of the neighbors,

everyone’s well, no wounds major,

all went back like everything is over,

the noise is still echoed in the ear,

the whoever is affected would have got astonished,

all the effort of months has vanished in just a few seconds,

the noise will remain for a long time in different aspects of life!

The building of dreams turned in to grit in just one moment.
Sometimes it’s dreams, sometimes it’s building, get demolished forever. But without leaving hopes of better, we should just do the makeover, and move!