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i InCuBaTe-HumanITY & SeRENIty

sometime back in life,

took a decision and moved out,

left the smooth-luxurious life,

on a journey amid unknown and unexplored,
people keep asking why, leaving your comfort zone,
i said i have lived till now with all the comfort in my house,
now i am living as a nomad on a foreign ground,
with a new eye to see the world around,
the world seems closer and bound,


all along till now what i  have found,
we all are the same soul at the core of our heart,
solely the outer shell keeps us apart,
we all laugh the same way, the journey is same from start,
we grow old and we all depart,
we all feel the same rain from eyes and pain in heart,


this nomad now incubates humanity and human nature,
incubates forgiveness and proceeds with future,
incubates courage and encourages the truest part,
yes for sure i incubate the serenity in the first spot!

Let us all incubate positivity🌸


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