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enChanted PaLace-brOKen taliSman



The spell was there in a palace, across the river in a lonely place.





The palace was spelled with some talisman in every corner, every place.






The woman behind all the talisman wanted to capture all creatures, in her palace.





The woman was so wicked and clever, whoever came into contact became her slave forever.





One day the three wandering princesses, in search for some resting place saw her palace.






Unaware princesses explored the palace, as they saw their reflection in the magic glob they became captive in her palace.





No prince charming came to protect them from the talisman palace. The wait was years long, but no one turned to help them. Until one day they decided to help themselves and …





…broke the chains to set free themselves from the unwanted charm. The only thing that helped them achieve was not a prince of their dream but their own potential to come out from any undesirable situation.


The only way to get out of our unwanted situations is to collect all our energy and do our best.

Today my inner child came out to tell this story, the prompt talisman took me to all those fairy tales we heard in our childhood. The story is little twisted, as I can’t see any princess depending on a prince charming. I hope you will like it in the present scenario.

Keep smiling, and let your charm flow!


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