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inEfficient to efficient…

We have been provided with enough resources even though, we feel incapable or inefficient at times, in doing certain things. Taking care of kids itself is a time-consuming job, which needs all different kind of skills and patience. At times I feel inept as a mother of two kids, and as a person as well. That to have good resources. Every time when I find it difficult to meet their needs, at times, feeling of being an unskillful mother comes to my mind. It is not easy to give a good healthy upbringing to our own kids. But, this is not about me, this is about some other mother.

I read her story and I could feel what her thoughts would have been on her decision. She is Angie, from South Africa, a mother of five kids, she comes from the background with all the adversities, the husband was killed in an attack. She took a decision to raise her sister-in-law’s severe malnutrition child.  She didn’t have enough nutritional food to feed her own five kids, and she decided to care for another kid, whose nutritional needs are even higher. Now, she is raising all six kids.

After reading her thought-provoking story, I was feeling how brave hearted she would have been to take this responsibility when she herself is struggling with so many basic things. Definitely, it would have been a difficult decision. She decided to share and care, whatever little she had, she is proven a true mother, I salute her for her gesture. She did not allow, to overpower, the inefficient resources, over, human values and emotions. For help she contacted a social organization, working on malnutrition for such kids.

We teach our kids that sharing is caring, but at times we fail to set an example. Angie has set an example not only for her kids but for us as well. Yes, Sharing is Caring.

We should share what we have, with others, it certainly will add on to our richness.