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toXic-keep it around!

Have you ever thought not running away from toxic people, what would be the result? If you stop running away from people, you feel are toxic to you, what would happen?

Ok, let me give you a hint, the below pic…

We always say it Lotus blooms in muddy water!

What do you see, a beautiful lotus or the dirty-muddy water underneath.

What I see is a lotus, blooming out of the unpleasant thing. The toxic people around us are just like this muddy water, if we try to run away we lose a chance to become a Lotus.

When I was a kid, my father used to tell, that where ever you go, you will find three types of people, one, friendly, mutually your wavelength matches,  two, you have no business with them, and they don’t have anything for you, and three people who may not like you, and you too may not like them, you find some toxic feeling around them. I found it how true this is. So there is no escape, you will find all the varieties everywhere!

The moment you realize they are like that only, you will change, you will no more get affected by the toxic. You will start blossom into a beautiful human, a beautiful soul!




6 thoughts on “toXic-keep it around!”

  1. I loved how you used the lotus flower to point out that timeless truth and all important lesson! We hear the word “toxic” and automatically go to the negative, but not you!
    Well done! 💜

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    1. Oh thanks a ton dear, I am glad you liked this one. I was in doubt when I was publishing this short article, thinking if I could convey my thought correctly or not! Thanks you! 🙂

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