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Google google google

Google everything,

Recipe, meaning, travel,

Google everything,

Google google google google.com

Way, destination, joke or Safari,

Google everything,

But have you tried to google.soul!

Explore-a word with so much of depth to be explored in it. A traveler explores the outward world, but with the same importance, the need is to explore inward as well. The outward exploration reveals the outer beauty in its natural form, and the journey towards inside helps to find the pure soul accomplished with all the selfless beauty.

All the kids younger than a year old, they are the best explorers, without any preoccupied knowledge or logic they just explore. If you notice they explore with their mouth, whatever it is they will hold it with hands and it goes directly into their mouth. The tongue seems to be more sensitive to give them a feel for the thing. But they are the best explorers at that age, and we have to teach them not to touch and explore certain things. This stops them from exploring in their way, we enforce our knowledge or our thoughts on them.  Ruining their journey of learning by self-exploration.

All have been given a soul, but living with the logic, the connection, the feel of being with self is lost. The outer knowledge and thoughts occupy all the space, leaving no space for exploring the self. The pot needs to be empty before filling it with new experiences.

Humanity and spirituality need us to journey inwards, now. You don’t need to change anything, just need to be aware of being with yourself and keep on watching your doing.


2 thoughts on “google.soul-expLore”

  1. “Just need to be aware of being with yourself and watch your doing”……I love this line! This is the hardest thing to do. It is so easy to avoid “being with ourselves” and distract ourselves from “our doing” and yet, it is in being and doing these exact things that we find the greatest peace. Beautifully written piece! 💜

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    1. Thanks so much, yes it seems hard but the easiest thing it is to be aware all the time, be vigilant to self and keep doing. But it can be achieved surely! 🙂 Love and kindness to you! and Thanks so much for all your appreciation!


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