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Today’s Smile :)

I am aware that WPC challenge is for photos and theme is SMILE! 🙂 I am sharing something I am still smiling, because of that, I hope you will feel the same smile after reading this.

We were heading to our home, and in between my husband reminded that we have to return our library books, this is due today only. So, we decided that he will pick up books from home and we will go to the library. My four-year-old daughter unaware that we all are going to the library asked, ” DaAAAd, can I also go to the lahy-bayrry, with you”. Instead of ‘library’, she pronounces it as “lahybayrry” and when she says it, it seems like some sweetness, is melting through your ears. I told her that it sounds so cute when she says lahy-bayrry with so much of innocence, and she was like ‘ummmmm’. (As a mother I was little confused should I correct her or should I enjoy her innocent phrases and sound. And I chose not to correct her for at least this one, I know she will learn the correct words soon.)

And this is what she painted in one of the kids-painting section in the library. (one of the bunch she painted today). 👇


She wanted to make it funnier, as told by her big sister 🙂

After completing she tried the dark brown on his face, ah maybe she was trying to make, it look, like if he/she/it (I am confused 🙂 not sure what is this actually) has eaten some chocolate.









Please share with me, if you smile 🙂

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