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rrrrrrrRUSH-ant 🐜 rUsh

In a rush, noticed a trail of ants,

I asked one of the ants,

Why are you all running,

Holding so much load on your backs,

Ant turned his head staring at me,

Said, how ignorant you have been,

Can’t you feel, it’s going to rain,

I looked up at the sky,

A bunch of clouds smiled☁ and grinned,

Back to the ant, why you are in rush then,

Let’s enjoy the rain,

Ant looked at me, huffingly, she said,

Just assess the size of us and you,

You are tall enough, you can soak in the rain and get dry,

We are so tiny may get submerged in the rain,

And never see the beautiful world again!

I smiled, and said, I got your point,

But you can leave this load,

And swiftly reach the safety point,

This is not my load,

This is food for us, to survive,

During the odd situations,

We will need it, to sustain life, in our span of procrastinating!

A story of an ant, I have always seen ants in a rush especially during the start of the rainy season and during winters they hibernate inside their colonies. They collect food for the times they cannot survive the adverse weather conditions. And at times noticed they carry loads bigger than their own body size, they can carry more than their own weight.


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  1. Very artistic use of the prompt! Great post! They have just started coming around my kitchen in the past week. Spring is waking them up i guess. 😊

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