Dancing feet
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Let’s play the buttOn-Oh baby sing a sOng

The button was pressed,

The music was played,

Her body moved, with the rhythm that the music played,
The beats and the song all became one, as, she swayed,
The notes were high and sometimes low,
Her feet and hands sync with the flow,
She circled and jumped with the melody she played,
It was the song she loved always,
She swayed,
She danced until she gets fainted,
She loved the music, the lyrics, and the dance!
Today, I have decided to spend all my Sunday with my family and kids, they need it. Will read and write tomorrow. The song is my favorite theme for today, instead of just writing about the theme I am going to play a song and dance with my daughters. And if you too have Sunday morning right now, hang around with your family or friends. If you are reading it, do share what’s your plan, or how you spend your Sunday!
The has its own music and song try to listen to the melody!
Wish you a very Happy Life!!!!!

11 thoughts on “Let’s play the buttOn-Oh baby sing a sOng”

    1. Thanks Shreya, I am glad you thought for me. So, I have already played it for three days , but I accept it one more time, I hope it is possible to participate more than once! 🙂


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