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cRank – dOn’t bE cRanky :)

‘CRANK‘ I have no clue what to write about this word prompt ‘Crank’. I had to write some other stuff and read posts, today as per my plan. As if you have read my previous post (yesterday) I stayed away from my laptop for all day long.  And today, it’s like I am responding to the comments only I have received yesterday, from some of my favorite bloggers.

Back to the theme of the day, as a definition crank is something which starts a process. For a machinery, it can be a handle looking thing (I know you know it already 🙂 just trying to make my mind produce something good, please bear with me) which when turned on it initiates a process. Like in the above pic, it is a vintage crank that was used for measuring the air pressure in the car tires. This picture is from a gasoline museum. Machines with cranks can be found in many places almost everywhere.

In our life, if we see we have cranks which work as our on and off buttons. That can be a person, weather, news, some situation or our thoughts and ideas.  As all these things affect us and stimulate our body chemicals (hormones) and we start feeling according to the cranks motion (on/off). Sometimes a crank can lead to anxiety or fears, which some ways leave us glum and positively non-progressive. With a few efforts, we can avoid the crank which drives us to the non-positive environment.

Pull the crank of your life, don’t let others pull or push, life is yours!

Stay happy Stay Calm!

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  1. Absolutely! I love your use of the word. We do get sooo cranked at even the smallest shifts in the energy around us. Great post! 🙂

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