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need aaaUThenTic me too!

Oh wow, what a word for today’s prompt. Actually, this is my favorite word not just because of its meaning, but how it is pronounced “Authentic” when I say it I feel authentic too :).

You know what we miss our family and friends back there, it’s been quite a long time now.
We miss authentic Indian food as well, although I cook food at home and I have learned a lot of new recipes (the difficult ones) baking and all, to keep kids away from homesickness.


A few weeks ago, during the spring break, we planned a short trip. It was quite short actually.


At the dinner time, we decided to go to a nearby restaurant. There they serve favorite South Indian food. Due to our prior restaurant experiences, we had very less taste related expectations.


The restaurant was about to close when we reached there. The expression on kids faces was like… they have been hungry since ages when they heard, the restaurant is about to close.


The restaurant guy allowed us, AHHH a sigh of relief, kids saved us :).


We quickly ordered a few dishes more than we really wanted. Two reasons for that,
one, we did not want to take any chance what if they say the food is over or the chef has left. Second,  we were not sure of what quantity they are going to serve.


The food was served, we got a sparkle in our eyes, it looked so tempting and the smell was so good. To our surprise quantity was more than we expected, too much!
The very authentic South Indian food, we never had before!
Authentic South Indian Food! Uthappam 🙂

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    1. Ok sure, I hope you will enjoy it, its little bit spicy and very tasty. By the way where are you, you can leave answering this one if you feel. 🙂


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