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A cute… banging MaLLet

She is turning six this year,

She can’t speak and she can’t hear,

Therapy is going on she is improving,
She has got her hearing aids,
Now she might listen a bit more,
Her mother took her to the library,
No one was there to take care,
Her aunt was late due to the flight delay,
Mom calls her a sister caring aid,
In a corner, she saw some toys,
A mallet and some wooden nails,
She started banging the mallet on the floor,
The sound was profoundly harsh,
The mother came tried to take the mallet away,
Everyone looked at her that why she has brought her today,
For everyone, she seemed a voice cracker,
A child who should stay home forever,
But for mom, she is always a dear daughter!
She is Jamie,
A cute little girl, in our neighborhood.

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    1. 🙂 no not a particular reason, its just I am leaving and in a hurry, so don’t have much time to spend in formatting, and it was coming like a continuous paragraph!! so i did it this way…

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