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Thank you – Clear not Vague

This post is a long awaited post, I have been thinking to write about this for two weeks.

It delayed because whenever I am away from this black machine, called laptop (on my table not on my lap) I had a good flow of words and with all my feelings. As soon as I reach here at my workstation and turn on my laptop everything goes fade, my feeling is there but no words to express.
I have written on my phone and copy pasted here finally… I hope I could express my experience and gratitude!

A Humble Note of Gratitude For Joining My Journey!!

When I started this blog in February this year, I had a vague idea about blogging. On other social media, it is simple you add your friend and family and it works. But here I had no clear picture of how it is going to work I did not know anyone here. With keeping my spirit high, I jumped into it and thought I will learn it. The one of good motive was just to spread smiles. And now I have a blog family!

Initial days were only focused on the theme and the links menu and all. I had pre-written poems and articles I published them.

But the question was how am I going to get someone to read or who is going to reach my posts.

And I got my first like. I can’t tell you how I felt, a feeling oh! I am alive on blogging at least one could find me.

And somehow I reached to the WPC and later to the word prompts. And this was the base for all the blogs where I can read other blogs as well.

The introduction to daily prompts, it was an exercise for my brain to think and come with something related to that word. The word prevailed all day, and still, it does.

You know why I could do all this because you were there! Each one of you helped me on my journey, your encouraging comments, feedback all helped me to stick. I am feeling overwhelmed with the response I received from you. I had no expectations when I started my journey, but you have given me a lot. I want to THANK YOU! for this. Without you, it would have been not possible. Thank you for every like and every comment you made.

And those award nominations, thanks so much for making me feel special I enjoyed them!

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