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Lines-This time man made only


This entry for lines I have selected five pictures only and all demonstrating man-made lines and structures. The first image is of a ceiling from a museum. The wooden pallets organized parallel to each other and the lamps consisting lines and forming square and pyramid shape.

The second picture is of swing pillars parallel to each other. and the background is full of lines the bench fences etc.

The third is a wheel all the lines are meeting at some point, in a deep symbolic sense a wheel representing life circle.

The fourth one is by a silly woman experimenting with her shoe prints over the sand 🙂

And the last, the fifth one is a train track full of lines.

Lights and Lines
Ceiling Lights and Lines Parallel (Pic upside down) 
Parallel Lines 
Lines Starting from one point forming a circle a wheel!


Lines of footprints and lines (I am sure a woman made these :))
3550278985_80f4814979_o (1)
Train tracks Lines and lines




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