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tanTrum-lOng Or shOrt

The word tantrum reminds me of tantrums my kids threw (although they are so good kids), and very few times they still do it on trial basis and google baba helps me. Giving it a little bit more thought I remembered when I threw a tantrum. That one memory is still there because I was not very small and it taught me a lesson, that how painful throwing a tantrum becomes for the other person, who loves you.

I was in grade eight. I had long hair, actually medium long. My mom wanted me to have long hair, according to her long hair look pretty,  (even now she doesn’t like short hair). Somehow, in contrast to her wish I had to get a short haircut. I don’t remember who was behind my inspiration at that time. I just wanted a short haircut. Mom denied, as according to her my hair were not long. I insisted to have them shorter and when she doesn’t agree, I cried a bit (not like kids with high pitch 🙂 ) and all day I remained on my bed, inside my room.

In the evening with little anger and frustration, she gave up and agreed. I could see all these emotions on her face frustration, anger, fear, and defeat, and one more worry! The worry was am I going to do all this again in future as she is agreeing to it now and I will use it as a weapon.

I love my mom so much. All those emotions of her made me feel how wrong I did to her. I wanted to tell her that it is ok if I will not get the haircut, but I could not dare my guilt was there. I had realized my mistake already. I promised myself that I will not do it again with anyone in future. She took me to a salon, I had a pretty short haircut.

That was my last tantrum, I never did that again for anything.




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