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astONish-makeUp, astONish-no makeUp Part-2

To see her husband in shock she immediately reached to the mirror in the corner, and she screamed just like if she has seen some ghost.

Immediately picked up her purse, locating the washroom door in the room she entered and locked it from inside. She managed to make her dress properly and cleansed her makeup maintaining not to damage her skin. She combed her hair, and leaving them open, applied some lipstick and bindi on her forehead. Soon she came out.

Her husband still in shock, waiting eagerly. All this time he was wondering what he saw just now is true or he has been seeing in last few meetings was true. Basically, all her nerves were stressed and confused. For him, it was the first time he has seen a girl with ruined makeup!

The door latch moved, and he turned his face that side. His wife a bit embarrassed was standing there. Ahhh, here comes his real wife, lehenga is still there, with minimal jewelry, and not much makeup, she looked simply beautiful. Now, this was she, they looked at each other, and in no time, they were in a fit of laughter. They laughed as whatever has happened to them was so astonishing.

Holding her hand, the husband politely asked her if she can promise her something. In amazement, she asked what promise. The husband with low tone said, ‘if you promise you will not wear all that fake makeup again, you look prettier than ever, and I love you always’. She smiled (naughty smile) and said ‘I promise but only if you don’t fail to say ‘I love you’ every day’. And they laughed!

They Lived Happily, with just small arguments and fights, any married couple may have!

If you missed Part-1
**This was my attempt to bring a smile on your face I hope I succeeded. Thank you for reading! 🙂

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