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tide-daily use

Tide, I use it daily, to clean…..my clothes!

This was the first reaction with this word ‘tide‘. Then I churned a little bit more with my little brain on my top. And I realized why the detergent company named their product ‘Tide’.

The way the tide in a sea throws all its debris out during the time of tide, the detergent cleans the laundry and throws the dirt out and leaves them clean and fresh. “Tide’s in, dirt’s out”.

Similar to this, in our lives, we face the emotional tides at different times. These tides leave us more content towards life. The times when the waves are higher are the moments when the tide is stronger and we feel like giving up,  that’s the time when even the tide will turn back. Leaving more vital form of life, to accomplish the reason for our presence with clarity and more pride.

Tired of floating,

waves were higher,

demolished all the dreams,

 I was about to leave,

it was the moment, 

the tide turned,

the time changed,

and I returned,


shinier holding my truth!

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