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menTor-unliKely Flower of the day-Blue Rose-5th May 2018



I found these bunch of blue roses, and they seemed unlikely to me. I have not seen or heard a rose can be grown in two colors, my guess for this one is that it has been colored (dipped in blue color) and originally it is a light yellow-whitish in color.

Just like the lotus grows in mud, and still stays above it, rose is also grown with thorns around it, the harshness of thorns and softness of roses is unlikely beautiful.

The nature is our mentor teaching us all the lessons of life, sometimes I feel God created human and left the hints to live a good life in form of nature. It is upon us how we listen to our mentor and live our life.

Unlikely any other day, I have created this one post for all day, it’s a weekend and I am not at all sure how it is going to be (no plans yet, that means it can be anything :)). Maybe I will not get time to write, so I have combined all in one. At least some of my thoughts I could write for today. Still I have to catch up with my challenges and posts, and I have to read as well ( so much of pending stuff )!

Wish you all a fabulous weekend, stick around your family and friends 🙂

Love you Zindagi…..:)


15 thoughts on “menTor-unliKely Flower of the day-Blue Rose-5th May 2018”

    1. Oh yes Megha, it is beautiful, although I am not sure if they bloom on shrub, 🙂 This picture is from one of the bouquet presented to my bro on his birthday.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and like and comment! Wishing you a great weekend ! 🙂


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