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ter ter laughTer-LAUGHtER

I am just so eager to write my post, actually, this is my favorite word LaughTer, LAUGHTER, laughter laughterrr!!

This word brings so many things in my mind, jokes, happiness, quotes ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, laughing Buddha. I am trying to cover as much as I can, keeping my post short.

If you have heard about the Laughter Yoga or Hasyayog(Hindi). I have seen people doing this yoga in India, early morning people go to the nearby parks and after taking walks they all gather in a circle and do this Laughter Yoga. It seems difficult how can someone laugh without any reason, but believe me this works tried and tested. The initial sound we have to make like ‘haaahahaha’ ‘hohohoho’ and soon we are in laughter fit :). You can try it with your family or friends or standing in front of the mirror.

I find that laughter comes from different sources and defines the quality and purity of laugh. When you laugh because of joy or some fun activity, it is positive and healthy. But it is being noticed that sometimes people laugh at others fall or failure, which brings negativity and sadness in laughter. When someone falls in front of us, instead of laughing we should first give our hand to help, and only after knowing his situation we can laugh along with that person.

My elder daughter keeps asking us for new jokes, and we have to find jokes appropriate for her age and what she can understand. And sometimes we tell her jokes she doesn’t get that, and her query on that joke creates anew joke, and then we all start laughing. My husband told her that we don’t tell you jokes but you create jokes within that joke. 🙂

Some Laughter for you!!

Keep Laughing!!


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