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foRest-welcome to this forest


Palm Tree on LG Palm Tree on LG 🌲Palm Tree on LG Palm Tree on LG

🌲Let’s grow a Forest today,🌲

🌲Plant  trees one by one in a row,🌲
 🌲 Trees and trees all around,🌲
🌲Just imagine🌲
🌲The happiness of the Earth that day,🌲
🌲Let’s grow a Forest today,🌲
🌲Love will flourish and tranquility will survive,🌲
🌲The spring greenery or the fall colors will bring positivity in life,🌲
🌲You believe in God or not,🌲
🌲But for our own sake believe in Forest,🌲
🌲Forest has given everything and never taken anything from us,🌲
🌲Let’s grow a Forest today,🌲
🌲Sow the seeds,🌲
🌲Grow the trees,🌲
🌲If possible save paper today,🌲
Palm Tree on LG Enough of concrete jungles,Palm Tree on LG
🌲These concrete jungles will not produce oxygen or bring rain,🌲
🌲How will you grow food in no rain,🌲
🌲But I know human brain the most dangerous of all,🌲
🌲Will create some tablet to sustain,🌲
Palm Tree on LG But let’s not fake it more,Palm Tree on LG
Palm Tree on LG Take a call and save forests,Palm Tree on LG
Palm Tree on LG Plant a tree,Palm Tree on LG
Palm Tree on LG Before it is too late!Palm Tree on LG

Let’s Protect Forest!

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