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Love – from the core of my heart

I am a daughter I am a mother,
I love my mother and I love my daughters,
from the core of my heart 💓
Sometimes I terribly miss my mother,
When I put my head in her lap,
I find the comforting place in the world,
And slowly she moves her fingers in my hair,
The wonder is all the worries disappear,
This is my mom gave me birth,
and took all the pain for many years,
Love you Maa!
I feel concerned,
She is changing, 
When I am surrounded by her she gives immense care from body to soul, 
I learn from it how to flow,
This is my Mother Nature!
One day they will have to go,
They will leave my finger, leave my nest,
And they will face this world on their own,
I worry how will I live without them,
My heart sinks, my eyes flow,
They are my daughters and they call me Mumma!
At that time, I go back and talk, to my soul,
The only one who knows what is the ultimate goal!!

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