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awkwardly complicated narcissism disappear

Just a few days ago I was thinking and I mentioned in one of my posts that I don’t want to break the chain of writing my daily prompts. And It’s broken already.

This weekend I could do nothing on my blog, today I tried to write but I was in such an awkward situation that all words disappeared from my brain. Every time I tried to write but I could not words did not come out, still, they are not. Something in the background is continuously working, and not letting the creative words come into a flow.

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I’m very well known for hiding my phone in really weird places. I can hide it in a refrigerator during a scene or under that bed. It’s pretty bad, but at the end of the day, we can all laugh at it. – Cierra Ramirez

I truly lost my phone for a day but I found it. it was so awkward, I was just saying that I kept it on the sofa arm. And it was found with someone far away. All the time I was thinking how does it disappeared from the sofa, and searched it all over the place. Finally next day I took Google’s help and it really worked, I lost it on the road and someone picked it from there only. I am thankful to them for keeping it safe, it was locked so they could not call or inform. If I could not have found it, it could have brought lots of complicated issues like getting the sim blocked, complain to Police to prevent any misuse.

Tomorrow will be a new day and a new start!!



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