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view from my winDow-outside

She stepped out of the bus,

She stumbled,

Carrying two heavy grocery bags,

In both of her hands,

Her back a little bent,

Walking slowly,

Towards her apartment,

An old lady,

Still carrying grace on her face,

She doesn’t care what others will say,

When I meet her and ask how is she?

With a soft voice she says, ‘I am not bad’, with a wide smile and glow on her face!

This is the View outside of my window, what’s there outside of your window!!


19 thoughts on “view from my winDow-outside”

      1. Today was last day of school for kids😊
        Here I see from my window today

        Dareecho se muskura raha hain bachpan aaj,
        Mehfil lagi hain josheeli masoomiyat ki
        Kitabon se ruksat ka jashn manati

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      2. Childhood smiles at me through the window,
        There is the festival of excited innocence,
        Celebrating the holidays from books,
        Enjoying the feast of plays


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