About What?-mE :)

The picture above shows what I am, it includes all the elements I use as a creative artist or a visual artist and stuff, I love.
My love for almost all kind of arts, painting, writing, music, photography, gardening and reading short stories aspire me to come out of my shell and share what I contain. I feel I can be anything, a good painter, a writer, or a Computer programmer, Developer, designer. It’s just where and for what I spend more time. Because I have done all this and feel really good while doing, I enjoy! And I feel same for everyone else, we can be what we want to be, it’s just where and in what we spend more of our time.

On the other side, I’ve had some significant accomplishments in my life: I have few really good friends and family.  I have two cute girls and loving husband.  I have been a good listener and agony aunt for some. I have been working as a freelancer and as a volunteer. Ohh! yes, I have a Master’s Degree in Computers.