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हौंसले की ख़्वाहिश

यूं जिंदगी की राह में मजबूरियां नहीं चलती , चलते हैं हौंसले,

हौंसलों की डोर थामे ही चढ़ती हैं, ख्वाहिशें परवान,

वरना, ख़्वाहिशों की लम्बी परवाज़ नहीं होती,

ख़्वाहिश हो बड़ी तो हौंसला भी मज़बूत रखना,

थामे रखना उस डोर को यूं ,

की तूफ़ान में भी डगमगा न जाएं,

और, कश्ती में हौंसले की, ख़्वाहिशें अपनी मंज़िल पा जाएँ.

Yun zindagi  ki raah mein majbooriyaan nahi chalti, chalte hain hounsale,

hounsalon ki dor thame hee chadhti hain khwahishein parwaan,

Warna Khwahishon ki lambi parwaaz nahi hoti,

Khwahish ho badi toh hounsla bhi mazboot rakhna,

uss dor ko yuun mazboot rakhna,

ki tofaan mein bhi khwahishein dagmaga na jaayein,

kashti mein hounsale ki wo apni manzil paa jaayein.


Life goes on with courage, no excuses work in its way,

Aspirations only get to the path of success, holding the string of courage,

Aspiration doesn’t have a life of its own,

The bigger aspirations may need strong endurance,

Keep a strong hold on that string,

Storms may not drift the aim,

Only in the boat of courage, aspirations will get their base!









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ceremony-come let’s enjoy together

Oh, my dear!

Let’s enjoy our spring ceremony,

The band of birds is singing,

The trees are busy dancing,

The Bunny enjoying the sunshine,

The scattered clouds came to witness,

And to shower their blessings,

The lake is calming and the ducks are swimming and swinging,

The dress code is green,

With blue, purple, pink, yellow, and red decorations,

The trail we have to walk,

Holding hands and feel the musical chants,

Come, my dear!

Let’s assimilate the spirit of, spring!



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Get tO KnOw mE taG

Hey everyone! I have been nominated for another amazing tag by an awesome blogger friend (sometime back), Kranti from sparkklingthoughts. I thank you, Kranti for tagging me for this Get To Know Me Tag!

get to know me

The Questions!

1 What does your name mean?

Statue of Happiness (yes really :))

2. Are you scared of heights?

Not sure, if I have high railings I won’t be afraid.

3. What is your best physical feature?

I think eyes.

4. What is your favorite Music Genre?

I love all kind of music but not noisy kind.

5. Are you a good cook?

Oh! yes! 🙂

6. What is your favorite Ice-cream flavor?

As a kid, I loved Orange the most, butterscotch and Vanilla with fruits in it, and now ‘Kulfi’.

8. What is your favorite festival?

I like all the festivals, but I feel more excited about Diwali, lights decorations, rangolis, sweets and the rest of the festivities.

7. Do you have any allergies?

No, not really.

9. Which of your parents do you look like?

My Mom

10. Who is your favorite Musician?

R.D. Burman, S.D. Burman, A.R. Rahman

My Nominees (No Obligations)

Pratima Mehta


Covert Novelist







Froggy Crochet




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Now, all my loving nominees, answer the same set of questions that I have, and additional two questions are below:

1. From what language your name comes from?

2. How do you use WordPress, on a mobile phone or laptop?

🌸Hey Kranti thanks so much for the tag, I really enjoyed it! Love and good wishes for you and your blog!🌸