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doppelganger- no Doppel and Ganger

Doppel and Ganger were running after eachother. Even for their mothers now it was tough to tell who is Doppel and who is Ganger, they wore same shirts as well. One of the mother called Do..oppel, and thought that now Doppel will respond. Doppel and Ganger were smarter they just looked at each other and one winked to other😉, and the other said ‘yes Mommy’.

With so much confidence Mommy looked at his son and then gazed at the Other mommy.

She took her son and wished them good bye.

Doppel and Ganger were cousins living in same city.

Ganger went inside with Mom and asked for some ice cream with lots of chocolate on it. Ahhhh mommy sighed and said Doppel it’s you? Doppel was little confused how she came to know so quickly……😎

The car stopped outside and Ganger and mommy came out screaming look Jaycee they have exchanged their identity for a while.

The mom Jaycee smiled and said yes just now I also got to know.

Both Doppel and Ganger were so confused 😗😏 looked at each other in wonder how come mothers came to know…. Ahhh we could not enjoy a bit of this.

Mommy’s smiled and said look we always say mommy knows everything DOPPELGANGER!’

This word made me smile, it’s too big unnecessarily so I thought wring it this way like two words have been combined.

The heart and mind keep running each other but the innermost soul know everything.

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What is today alive and young,

Will become archaic one day,

Old archaic that you say,

Was young, fresh, and alive some day,

But believe me,

The life and the time revive itself,

The archaic will come into fashion,

And the new will become old fashioned, one day!

I have heard that old comes into existence in certain intervals of time. Just like if you see, sumilar fashion revisits around every decade.

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no guilty-just be conscious

Every society has defined certain rules, if one cross those rules, the person is found guilty, as he or she has performed a sin. Right and wrong are a social phenomenon, a different set of rules in every society. But when we are spiritually aware and conscious we are more inclined towards the human growth. Being spiritually aware means you are aware of your deeds.

To elaborate a little more, when we feel that we would not like to do a certain thing to do, to our self, we would also not do it to others. If some action does not work for us we would not want to do it to another person.

I remember this quote from my school days, it was written in Hindi:

वैसा ही व्यवहार करो जैसा तुम अपने लिए चाहते हो (waisa hee vyavahar karo jaisa tum apne liye chahte ho) Translation : Behave as you would like for yourself.

Inculcating the guilt, fear, and shame keeps a human away from spiritual awareness, spiritual evolution, and growth as a human.

Spiritual consciousness is the key, to stay away from guilt.

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assuMption-to make you happy

I assumed that you will love it,

I tried to make you happy,

Whatever I did was for you,

A surprise I wanted to keep,

Until I get it all done,

I wanted to show you the world,

You  always remained in your home,

I wanted to bring all materialistic happiness to you,

This was my assumption that you will be happy,

I was left with a shock when you left us forever,

You disappeared forever,

My belief shattered,

and I was stunned and in glum,


I cannot get back and fix,

I cannot amend the truth that has already happened,

Time always moves ahead,

It can never take me back in time,

to change the wrong,

You left but I know you tried,

You tried hard to stay, for us,

but everything is not in control,

We miss you, your physical presence is not with us anymore,

but you are still there in our heart, always!!!!



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awkwardly complicated narcissism disappear

Just a few days ago I was thinking and I mentioned in one of my posts that I don’t want to break the chain of writing my daily prompts. And It’s broken already.

This weekend I could do nothing on my blog, today I tried to write but I was in such an awkward situation that all words disappeared from my brain. Every time I tried to write but I could not words did not come out, still, they are not. Something in the background is continuously working, and not letting the creative words come into a flow.

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I’m very well known for hiding my phone in really weird places. I can hide it in a refrigerator during a scene or under that bed. It’s pretty bad, but at the end of the day, we can all laugh at it. – Cierra Ramirez

I truly lost my phone for a day but I found it. it was so awkward, I was just saying that I kept it on the sofa arm. And it was found with someone far away. All the time I was thinking how does it disappeared from the sofa, and searched it all over the place. Finally next day I took Google’s help and it really worked, I lost it on the road and someone picked it from there only. I am thankful to them for keeping it safe, it was locked so they could not call or inform. If I could not have found it, it could have brought lots of complicated issues like getting the sim blocked, complain to Police to prevent any misuse.

Tomorrow will be a new day and a new start!!