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On a long on road trip…

Hey friends,

Just a little update, I am on travel and will be back soon!

By the time I might be online a few times, may not be able to respond.

Here are the pics just a few from our trip:)

Keep smiling and enjoy!!

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Today, I had to say two goodbyes, one my daughter is now moving to kindergarten, it was her last day of preschool. Both of us were little emotional, she is fond of her teacher.

And second, when I will wake up tomorrow morning, I will not be eager to know about the Daily Prompt. A word, around which we have to weave a story or a poem. Sometimes I have look back and sometimes I had to see the future to write, but whatever I wrote were my thoughts and experiences, retrospective materials.

My blogging journey is not very long yet, it just been a few months not even six months yet. But the day when I started my blog I still remember what confusions were there in my mind, what should be my first post, publish or not. But I did it.

The reason for having this blog was to let go what’s inside, thoughts were many and I was alone 😊 And now I share my thoughts with so many friends. My gratitude to you!!

Not only this I visit their blogs and on some blogs, I feel entertained, some have very deep poetry, and some are really good photos websites, and some are spiritual.

Everyone is unique in their own way, and this is what makes blogging community more special.

We all are here only, it’s just the prompt will not be there. We can pick our own word and write a story 😊

The retrospective is good at times and afterthoughts too, but don’t stick to anything, which is retrospective or prospective. We keep the learning with us not the incident. Because we live in right here, right now, it is a present.

I look back, and I thank everyone for everything and I hope you are having a great time, right here right now!

Keep enjoying changes!!

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Thank you – Clear not Vague

This post is a long awaited post, I have been thinking to write about this for two weeks.

It delayed because whenever I am away from this black machine, called laptop (on my table not on my lap) I had a good flow of words and with all my feelings. As soon as I reach here at my workstation and turn on my laptop everything goes fade, my feeling is there but no words to express.
I have written on my phone and copy pasted here finally… I hope I could express my experience and gratitude!

A Humble Note of Gratitude For Joining My Journey!!

When I started this blog in February this year, I had a vague idea about blogging. On other social media, it is simple you add your friend and family and it works. But here I had no clear picture of how it is going to work I did not know anyone here. With keeping my spirit high, I jumped into it and thought I will learn it. The one of good motive was just to spread smiles. And now I have a blog family!

Initial days were only focused on the theme and the links menu and all. I had pre-written poems and articles I published them.

But the question was how am I going to get someone to read or who is going to reach my posts.

And I got my first like. I can’t tell you how I felt, a feeling oh! I am alive on blogging at least one could find me.

And somehow I reached to the WPC and later to the word prompts. And this was the base for all the blogs where I can read other blogs as well.

The introduction to daily prompts, it was an exercise for my brain to think and come with something related to that word. The word prevailed all day, and still, it does.

You know why I could do all this because you were there! Each one of you helped me on my journey, your encouraging comments, feedback all helped me to stick. I am feeling overwhelmed with the response I received from you. I had no expectations when I started my journey, but you have given me a lot. I want to THANK YOU! for this. Without you, it would have been not possible. Thank you for every like and every comment you made.

And those award nominations, thanks so much for making me feel special I enjoyed them!
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let it Flow…

The very basic thing on which this universe is based ‘Energy’ has no shape, form or structure. Even though all the shapes and forms or structures are outcomes of the energy. We all contain so much of energy around us and in our self. The energy needs to be flowing without obstruction. It can take any form to stream out, any art medium, creating music, planting seeds, just cooking food or writing. The energy should flow, the expression, the feeling has to flow, from us to the world. The entry and exit have to be open to letting the energy flow.

When creativity combines itself with divinity and mystery or we say unknown, it becomes true to itself.  One thing to be aware of that any creation doesn’t only belong to the creator. It becomes bliss for creator and boon for the world.

In between known and unknown let the doors open.

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the new, unknown – ForEigN

A mother, landed in a new country, with two kids and few bags. She just smiled at everyone almost everyone, keeping her nervousness away. The journey was in its last phase two more hours and she will be in her new home city. The boarding took place, she located her seat and settled kids on their seats her bag underneath. The person next to her was another lady traveling back to her home (the home country as well) after attending some meetings. The destination was same, their ‘home’, in the same city.  They smiled and without any delay started to chit-chat (without noticing someone is listening). They were talking about everything, as moms, and as woman’s, sharing their grief, and some information about the city.

The mother was talking to her and also taking care of her kids, they were on next row, almost slept.

The lady was friendly with her and made her comfortable too in a foreign land. It feels wonderful how two totally different people become friends in just one meeting, it seems they shared some connection somewhere.

A foreign land becomes friendly if you see people smiling back to you, and are welcoming!