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Unconditional-Love and Forgiveness

Sometimes people get misguided and feel that they really like and love you. But love is not just a four-letter word, it comes with a lot more than that. Love, means you are going to trust, you are going to be there for them, you will not judge, you are going to forget and forgive their mistakes.

When everything is fine and glimmer, we can easily make it and say that we love someone or something. The real test happens when they make a mistake, and all the love and trust takes back seat, to you, only the mistake is visible.

It becomes hard to forgive and forget. We judge them and we want to punish them because we loved them. How can he/she do it to me, I loved him/her? Our anger, our ego, that we loved them, takes us away from the realization that we all are human and we all make mistakes, big, short, small, long all kind of mistakes we do.

It is not easy to forgive, because we are upset with them. And it takes immense power to be forgiving and accept that he/she can make mistake despite your love.

Forgiveness brings an extra quality to life, you set yourself free when you set the other free from his mistake. It brings mutual freedom. Unconditional love creates unconditional forgiveness.

Nature never gives more or less to anyone, it doesn’t set any condition. A tree gives it shade to all, equally. Sunshine’s on everything equally, without any condition!

Be the human sunshine, love, forgive and be at peace!

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no guilty-just be conscious

Every society has defined certain rules, if one cross those rules, the person is found guilty, as he or she has performed a sin. Right and wrong are a social phenomenon, a different set of rules in every society. But when we are spiritually aware and conscious we are more inclined towards the human growth. Being spiritually aware means you are aware of your deeds.

To elaborate a little more, when we feel that we would not like to do a certain thing to do, to our self, we would also not do it to others. If some action does not work for us we would not want to do it to another person.

I remember this quote from my school days, it was written in Hindi:

वैसा ही व्यवहार करो जैसा तुम अपने लिए चाहते हो (waisa hee vyavahar karo jaisa tum apne liye chahte ho) Translation : Behave as you would like for yourself.

Inculcating the guilt, fear, and shame keeps a human away from spiritual awareness, spiritual evolution, and growth as a human.

Spiritual consciousness is the key, to stay away from guilt.

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Cur-tWo leg or fouR leg

On my return from some work, I found that today’s prompt is ‘cur‘. I am worried, at first, I don’t find an interest in this word and if it is going to prevail me all day long just like other word prompts. It would be like a cur is after me :). You guys are great I saw that 84 responses are already there with this theme.

Ok, I want to take on this word. When I see the word cur and its meaning has already made me little aggressive in my tone, which usually I am not.

In our society, we can find two types of curs, one with four legs and second with two legs. The four-legged ones can be justified in their deeds, at last, they are animals. We can give them a sort of ignorance or forbid them considering they are animals and don’t have heart and brain like humans. The two-legged, have brains to easily disguise themselves into the society,  and they too don’t have the heart to feel the pain for others.

But I always feel sorry and I question, where these two-legged curs come into our society, who does sinful acts with little girls, they disrespect women and do the killing? The mixed feeling of fear and shock lingers in regards to safety and security of our society. My heart can only cry for the victim and feel fury about the existence of such in-humans.

I pray to God, these souls carrying a cur in them can bend a little towards humanity and let the beauty of this life remain as it is for all.