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A mother crying holding her dead son,

With teary eyes and body numb,

No one can console her,

The most distress moment, of motherhood!!

A mother is crying holding her new born,

With teary eyes and body numb,

She is a first time mom,

The most cherished moment, of motherhood!!

Birth and death the two realities of life. It is really difficult to explain a mother’s feelings when she has to go through these two emotions. Niether it is easy to explain a mother’s pain on a loss of her child, nor her happiness when she gives birth to a new life!

The juxtapose feelings.

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no guilty-just be conscious

Every society has defined certain rules, if one cross those rules, the person is found guilty, as he or she has performed a sin. Right and wrong are a social phenomenon, a different set of rules in every society. But when we are spiritually aware and conscious we are more inclined towards the human growth. Being spiritually aware means you are aware of your deeds.

To elaborate a little more, when we feel that we would not like to do a certain thing to do, to our self, we would also not do it to others. If some action does not work for us we would not want to do it to another person.

I remember this quote from my school days, it was written in Hindi:

वैसा ही व्यवहार करो जैसा तुम अपने लिए चाहते हो (waisa hee vyavahar karo jaisa tum apne liye chahte ho) Translation : Behave as you would like for yourself.

Inculcating the guilt, fear, and shame keeps a human away from spiritual awareness, spiritual evolution, and growth as a human.

Spiritual consciousness is the key, to stay away from guilt.

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Live has 4 letters L.I.V.E

Life has only 4 letters L.I.F.E

Love has only 4 letters L.O.V.E

Live Life, Love!!

Love Life, Live!!

Life, Love Live!!

Life, Live Love!!

Life, Love, Live!!

Love, Live Life!!

Live, Love Life!!

What is complicate…I don’t know.

Just live life and love!

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tide-daily use

Tide, I use it daily, to clean…..my clothes!

This was the first reaction with this word ‘tide‘. Then I churned a little bit more with my little brain on my top. And I realized why the detergent company named their product ‘Tide’.

The way the tide in a sea throws all its debris out during the time of tide, the detergent cleans the laundry and throws the dirt out and leaves them clean and fresh. “Tide’s in, dirt’s out”.

Similar to this, in our lives, we face the emotional tides at different times. These tides leave us more content towards life. The times when the waves are higher are the moments when the tide is stronger and we feel like giving up,  that’s the time when even the tide will turn back. Leaving more vital form of life, to accomplish the reason for our presence with clarity and more pride.

Tired of floating,

waves were higher,

demolished all the dreams,

 I was about to leave,

it was the moment, 

the tide turned,

the time changed,

and I returned,


shinier holding my truth!