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Let us do it-कुछ तुम कहो…

Finally, this one is getting published, it was in drafts for some time!

Chalo yuun kar lein,
Kuch tum kaho, kuch hum kahein,
Kuch batein hon phoolon ki,
Kuch batein usoolon ki,
Kuch khoye sapane dhoonde,
Kuch khoye apne dhoonde,
Chalo, Chalo yuun kar lein,
Kuch tum suno, kuch hum bhi sunein,
Wo chaand adhaa sa, kehta hai Kya,
Chalo aaj baat, uski poori toh sunein,
Alfaaz bhi jo na keh paayein ahsaas wo,
Aao ek duje ki dhadkano mein sune,
Chalo yuun kar lein,
Jazbaat apne, apne apno, se kahein,
Chalo yuun kar lein,
Kuch tum kaho, kuch hum sune,
Kuch tum suno, kuch hum kahein!!




चलो यूं कर लें,
कुछ तुम कहो, कुछ हम कहें,
कुछ बातें हों फूलों की,
कुछ बातें उसूलों की,
कुछ खोए सपने ढूंढे,
कुछ खोये अपने ढूंढे,
चलो, चलो यूं कर लें,
कुछ तुम सुनो, कुछ हम भी सुनें,
वो चाँद आधा सा, कहता है क्या,
चलो आज बात, उसकी पूरी तो सुनें,
अलफ़ाज़ भी जो न कह पाएं अहसास वो,
आओ एक दूजे की धड़कनों में सुने,
चलो यूं कर लें,
जज़्बात अपने, अपने, अपनों से कहें,
चलो यूं कर लें,
कुछ तुम कहो, कुछ हम सुने,
कुछ तुम सुनो, कुछ हम कहें!!



Let’s we do it,
You say something,
I will say something too,
Some talks about flowers or about our ethics,
Let’s discuss some lost dreams,
And some of the lost dear ones,

Come on, let’s do it,
You listen to some, some I will listen,
That glorious half Moon is saying something,
Let’s hear the complete story tonight,
Feelings which are yet untold,
Let’s try to hear those in our heartbeats,

Come on, let’s do it,
Let us share our emotions, with our friends today,
Let us do it, come let’s do it,
You say something, I will hear,
I will say something,  you please hear!!

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फूल का संदेश- message from a flower

Yuun zindagi ki daastan wo khilkhilata phool keh gaya,

Khilate raho muskarate raho,

Rango khooshboo iss zamaane mein,

Bikhraate raho,

Pal do chaar hee hai bas, jine ke,

Har lamha muskarate raho!

यूं ज़िन्दगी की दास्ताँ, वो, खिलखिलाता फूल कह गया,

खिलते रहो मुस्कराते रहो,

रंगो खूशबू इस ज़माने में,

बिखराते रहो,

पल दो चार ही है बस, जीने के,

हर लम्हा मुस्कराते रहो!

A message from a flower, Life is short, we have just a few moments. Spread colors of love and scent of purity in the world. Keep Smiling always!!

This poem in Hindi a very instant one, on Deepa’s (SyncwithDeep) demand, Thank you!!


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brOken-rain drOps

Fearlessly, they fall,

Broken apart,

Yet motive stays intact,

They come together to nurture,

They flutter, to spread the joy,

Each drop, splinters and pools,

Making a big diffrence to the whole world,


Sharing happiness creates,

Ripples of joy in to the world,

Despite your fall,

Encore unite and cultivate the life!


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famoUs-who, what, where, why?


Who am I?

What makes me, me, is not there on my about me page,

I am not packed in those few words,

I live a life beyond those pages,

I want to be famous but you don’t recognize my face,

The only thing I want to make happen is,

When you see yourself in the mirror or the unknown on a street,

It bring a smile on your face which shines through your eyes and brighten your face,

This small way we, you and me, will make a change,

‘We are the change’

I don’t know you,

You don’t know me,

But still, we exist and can make someone famous today,

The famous is one who is living this life with Grace!