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hOne-giVe sOul a chaNce

The mystic may seek a chance to reveal,
let the soul hone your mind,
May courtesy be your side,
moment swiftly elapses,
leaving the gaps behind,
let your hope abide,
May you win, being on His side,
the lasting love may take place as a tide, on His way!




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churning, frigid, hauled an – experience!

Hey!  why you are so frigid,

I wanted to ask them,

I wanted to try to churn their heart,

And haul what’s stored in deep in their hearts,

What’s taking their smiles away,

Wanted them to smile, and take them out from the dark,

But I was getting a vibe,

Not a good time to explore, their heart,

Though I tried to radiate, my smile and positive thought,

Slowly that may take out toxic from their heart,

And help them to bloom, and get their smile back,

 May it turn as a reason to restart!

I had some experience yesterday, and based on that I have written above lines. I was with an organization working for people in problems, and I felt real need to make them smile, to make them feel alive. They seemed without any sunlight, in a dark place.

Many times people leave hope, they just breathe air, but don’t feel alive.

This is my prayer to God, 🌸

God, please help them and provide your light,

Where we, as human beings fail,

You can do wonders,

Please help them, live their lives, and flourish as a soul,

a part of You!🌸

I wish you and them a big smile, may a smile spread across your lips and can be seen in your eyes, a true SMILE!


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Betrayed…..Theme effect!

I was reading the posts on today’s world prompt, betrayed.  I could feel each post I read and the pain, and it was like all those people would have relived the betrayal, with this theme. I hope like other days this prompt was not following them all through the day.

My wishes for them, may their wounds get healing. And they come out of their pain.

You gave me enough scars,

Now, let me live up to my mark!

Wish you all a very nice weekend, Good wishes on Easter!

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let it Flow…

The very basic thing on which this universe is based ‘Energy’ has no shape, form or structure. Even though all the shapes and forms or structures are outcomes of the energy. We all contain so much of energy around us and in our self. The energy needs to be flowing without obstruction. It can take any form to stream out, any art medium, creating music, planting seeds, just cooking food or writing. The energy should flow, the expression, the feeling has to flow, from us to the world. The entry and exit have to be open to letting the energy flow.

When creativity combines itself with divinity and mystery or we say unknown, it becomes true to itself.  One thing to be aware of that any creation doesn’t only belong to the creator. It becomes bliss for creator and boon for the world.

In between known and unknown let the doors open.

Apple Jam-HomeMade
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enJOY-recipe PuDDing 🍮with PaTieNcE

I am in the mood to cook today, basically, as usual, I am going to experiment with my recipe, a secret to share with you around me, some people are tired of my food experiments, but they have tolerant :). I hope you are going to enjoy without losing your poise!

 Let’s start with the ingredients:

  • 3 Deep breath
  • Slow down
  • Kindness
  • Bit of grace
  • Bit of humor
  • Gratefulness
  • Some Optimism
  • A pinch of Motivation
  • Acceptance
  • Share
  • Exercise
  • Laughter


  1. Slow down for a while don’t be just running. Sit straight, close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths, inhale and exhale.
  2. Now add some kindness for yourself and people around, will enhance the taste. Add grace and humor in an odd situation, rather being ashamed or frustrated. Laugh and move on.
  3. Now is the time to add gratefulness what you have. optimism will make it even tastier.
  4.  Get the motivation and add it, acceptance of your weakness is next to be added.
  5. Sharing is caring, use it on yourself as well. Call for help is best in some situations. Go ahead and add it, don’t hesitate.
  6. A bit of exercise and adding little laughter to this will come up with very nice flavor and color.

Now mix them all, slowly every day, and you will achieve a taste for a lifetime.

This recipe is healthy for anybody whoever has these symptoms tensed muscles, breathlessness, fast heart rate, anger, envy, irritable or frustrated.

Ohh, I forgot to name this recipe, Sorted Patience Practice pudding.


Please note: You can take some ingredients according to your taste and eat it every day.

Stay Healthy, Be light!🍮