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the new, unknown – ForEigN

A mother, landed in a new country, with two kids and few bags. She just smiled at everyone almost everyone, keeping her nervousness away. The journey was in its last phase two more hours and she will be in her new home city. The boarding took place, she located her seat and settled kids on their seats her bag underneath. The person next to her was another lady traveling back to her home (the home country as well) after attending some meetings. The destination was same, their ‘home’, in the same city.  They smiled and without any delay started to chit-chat (without noticing someone is listening). They were talking about everything, as moms, and as woman’s, sharing their grief, and some information about the city.

The mother was talking to her and also taking care of her kids, they were on next row, almost slept.

The lady was friendly with her and made her comfortable too in a foreign land. It feels wonderful how two totally different people become friends in just one meeting, it seems they shared some connection somewhere.

A foreign land becomes friendly if you see people smiling back to you, and are welcoming!

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are they…iDenTical

two journeys  together,

one which is caring for kids as a mother,

collecting pennies for the future,

living and doing the daily chore,

cleaning and making the pancake batter,

doing everything to make life better,

second where i am sailing back to find my real soul,

holding nothing,  and letting it all go,

cleaning all the clutter,

and without keeping any matter,

just witnessing the other,

i just wonder,

am i identical to you!

Daily Prompt: Identical


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Yunn jazba imaandaari ka rakhna,
Kabhi apno se maafi ki guzarish ,
Toh kabhi apno ko maaf karne ki taiyaari rakhna –एच.पी. Kahin

यूं जज़्बा ईमानदारी का रखना,
कभी अपनों से माफ़ी की गुज़ारिश,
तो कभी अपनों को माफ़ करने की तैयारी रखना –एच.पी. Kahin

Nikale hain armaan bhi yuun safar pe,
Ki ibadat karte Hain muhabbat se,
Aur muhabbat hee ibadat hai –एच.पी. Kahin

निकले हैं अरमान भी यूं सफ़र पे,
कि इबादत करते हैं मुहब्बत से,
और मुहब्बत ही इबादत है –एच.पी. Kahin


Flower of the day Roses
Journey, Safar

Oh Dear Flower..

Oh dear flower, what an amazing journey you have ,
to a beautiful bud,
to a fragrance bloom,
to a colorful sight,
for not only you but for all around ,
Oh dear flower what a unknown destiny you have,
A symbol of love,
A gratitude to a friend,
A wish for two getting together,
Or just a rest in peace to a departed soul,
Oh dear flower what an amazing journey you have …
Oh dear flower..
Feelings, Hindi-Urdu Poetry, Humsafar, Journey, Life, Safar

The Journey

The journey still continues,
Take rest on the mile stones,
Dare not to stop,
Take turn, as the path may,
Dare not to stop ,
Keep walking, with baby steps,
Dare not to stop , still far to go,
Keep moving, the journey still continues!

Safar yuhin zaari hai,
Har manzil mahaz ek meel ka patthar hee toh hai,
Ek mila toh kya, ab dusare tak jaane ki taiyaari hai –एच.पी. Kahin

सफ़र यूं ही ज़ारी है,
हर मंजिल महज़ एक मील पत्थर ही तो है,
एक मिला तो क्या, अब दूसरे तक जाने की तैयारी है –एच.पी. Kahin

Thanks for joining me in my Journey!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton