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Thank you – Clear not Vague

This post is a long awaited post, I have been thinking to write about this for two weeks.

It delayed because whenever I am away from this black machine, called laptop (on my table not on my lap) I had a good flow of words and with all my feelings. As soon as I reach here at my workstation and turn on my laptop everything goes fade, my feeling is there but no words to express.
I have written on my phone and copy pasted here finally… I hope I could express my experience and gratitude!

A Humble Note of Gratitude For Joining My Journey!!

When I started this blog in February this year, I had a vague idea about blogging. On other social media, it is simple you add your friend and family and it works. But here I had no clear picture of how it is going to work I did not know anyone here. With keeping my spirit high, I jumped into it and thought I will learn it. The one of good motive was just to spread smiles. And now I have a blog family!

Initial days were only focused on the theme and the links menu and all. I had pre-written poems and articles I published them.

But the question was how am I going to get someone to read or who is going to reach my posts.

And I got my first like. I can’t tell you how I felt, a feeling oh! I am alive on blogging at least one could find me.

And somehow I reached to the WPC and later to the word prompts. And this was the base for all the blogs where I can read other blogs as well.

The introduction to daily prompts, it was an exercise for my brain to think and come with something related to that word. The word prevailed all day, and still, it does.

You know why I could do all this because you were there! Each one of you helped me on my journey, your encouraging comments, feedback all helped me to stick. I am feeling overwhelmed with the response I received from you. I had no expectations when I started my journey, but you have given me a lot. I want to THANK YOU! for this. Without you, it would have been not possible. Thank you for every like and every comment you made.

And those award nominations, thanks so much for making me feel special I enjoyed them!
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Take on ParTake

We attended a Starlabs program yesterday!

It was so much fun, watching the stars and knowing brief information about them. The program was around 10-15 minutes duration and we all enjoyed it. The presenter was named as StarMan :).

We could see the Ursa Major (Saptrishi-Hindi) he called it the Big Dipper and the Pole Star (Dhruv Tara) and many more.

Starman told us about the position of stars and constellations formed by them. It was interesting and he inspired kids to see and form some constellations during the night.

In the end, Starman made an appeal in relation to (today’s) Earth Day. He suggested if we can partake a bit in saving our Mother Earth. We can plant a tree or turn off all electrical items and use candles instead for almost two hours or more.

With keeping his notes in mind ( I will turn off lights in the evening and will plant a tree next few weeks due to weather conditions) I am trying to think more options to heal our Mother Earth.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

I think nothing better than these three things we can do.

Reduce plastic waste and electricity uses. Reuse old items papers, bags, clothes etc. Recycle the items like paper, cans, bottles etc.

I know you are also concerned about Mother Earth’s health. And I know you are also partaking to help and heal our own planet.

Please do share your ideas how can we participate in making mother Earth more happy and healthy.


I am eager to know!

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need aaaUThenTic me too!

Oh wow, what a word for today’s prompt. Actually, this is my favorite word not just because of its meaning, but how it is pronounced “Authentic” when I say it I feel authentic too :).

You know what we miss our family and friends back there, it’s been quite a long time now.
We miss authentic Indian food as well, although I cook food at home and I have learned a lot of new recipes (the difficult ones) baking and all, to keep kids away from homesickness.


A few weeks ago, during the spring break, we planned a short trip. It was quite short actually.


At the dinner time, we decided to go to a nearby restaurant. There they serve favorite South Indian food. Due to our prior restaurant experiences, we had very less taste related expectations.


The restaurant was about to close when we reached there. The expression on kids faces was like… they have been hungry since ages when they heard, the restaurant is about to close.


The restaurant guy allowed us, AHHH a sigh of relief, kids saved us :).


We quickly ordered a few dishes more than we really wanted. Two reasons for that,
one, we did not want to take any chance what if they say the food is over or the chef has left. Second,  we were not sure of what quantity they are going to serve.


The food was served, we got a sparkle in our eyes, it looked so tempting and the smell was so good. To our surprise quantity was more than we expected, too much!
The very authentic South Indian food, we never had before!
Authentic South Indian Food! Uthappam 🙂
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Genie- Disappered!

I rubbed the lamp and she came out,
She was quite big not so tiny,

Genie said I will grant you today’s one wish,

The rule was one wish a day for three days only,

I was not sure, how to choose one from an unlimited stock of pending list,
Give me some time I will come up with something,

Taking some time I queried how does she live inside,

Smiling glowing face of her so beautiful and stunning,

Unrolling her story she has been cursed to stay in the dark,

Having a lamp as her home,
But I have no lights in,

I immediately ask her how will she be free,

Only if the owner of this lamp,
Soulfully wishes for my freedom,
A hard spell breaker, no one could yet do this,

I decided I will do so,

Surprisingly, she asked what about your own wishes,
You will lose all your wishes if you wish for my freedom,

I smiled and said this is not the first time,

My wishes will remain on my wishlist,                                                                                        Unrolling a list from pocket it went till the doormat,
I have so much of practice,
Holding my breath, I will keep wishing for fewer wishes,

I firmly wished from now I sat you free,
You can live wherever you feel it,

With teary eyes smile on lips,
She bowed and showing her gratitude,
I said both of us got the freedom,

You from the lamp and I from my wishlist,

She smiled before disappearing,                                                                                                    She blessed me with love and peace, within me!

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fRet-a Fret Story (smiles strictly prohibited)

Long long Ago, there was a man named Fret, his wife was Anxiety and he has two kids Fear and Worry. They all were living unhappily in their filthy cottage named Agonized Palace. There were not many houses around their palace, so they used to feel so lonely.

One day they decided that they will visit some of the homes in the town and will arrange a get-together. Fret told his family that they need to be not friendly with others there. He named a few Calm, Happy and Comfort, and strictly instructed, kids to stay away from them or they will lose their character.

A very gloomy party was going on (smiles were prohibited), Anger, Frustration, and Stress were also there and playing some really bad terrible music, and all were bothering-ly enjoying, the favorite beats of anger.

They noticed that Happy, Comfort were entering hand in hand with Calm. And everyone’s surprise Love and Joy with them.

Fear and Worry, as usual, got worried and fearful. As per the instruction by father Fret, they had to stay away from Happy, Calm and Comfort. Confusion was on these two Love and Joy. They whispered to each other ‘Can we mingle with Love and Joy?‘. They decided to play with Love and Joy, but not with Happy, Calm or Comfort. This way they are not disobeying father Fret.

Fret was busy with Stress, he missed to notice his kids.

The kids mingled with new friends, and soon enough Happy and Comfort joined them. Fret’s kids were feeling strange, something was disappearing from them, what was that. Worry was not worried and thought to rename as Not Worry, and suggested a name to brother Fear, FearLess.

Happy took the guitar from Anger and played happy feet music, soon everyone was dancing. Even Fret and Anxiety could dangerously smile and went back to their Palace. They decided they will never come to this town again.

Calm was sitting peacefully in a corner, watching all this, thought to join, Fret family kids as they were already friends with Joy, Love, and Comfort!

Now Fret and Anxiety live together, away from Harmonious Town, named by Love, Joy Fearless, and NotWorry.

It is a very serious story, please don’t dare to smile.