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Flower of the Day-19 June 2018


Flower of the Day!

Stand up for your conscience. Use light to reveal what is concealed in the darkness. Use truth to fight the lies, and the heart to fight the mind. – Suzy Kassem

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Unconditional-Love and Forgiveness

Sometimes people get misguided and feel that they really like and love you. But love is not just a four-letter word, it comes with a lot more than that. Love, means you are going to trust, you are going to be there for them, you will not judge, you are going to forget and forgive their mistakes.

When everything is fine and glimmer, we can easily make it and say that we love someone or something. The real test happens when they make a mistake, and all the love and trust takes back seat, to you, only the mistake is visible.

It becomes hard to forgive and forget. We judge them and we want to punish them because we loved them. How can he/she do it to me, I loved him/her? Our anger, our ego, that we loved them, takes us away from the realization that we all are human and we all make mistakes, big, short, small, long all kind of mistakes we do.

It is not easy to forgive, because we are upset with them. And it takes immense power to be forgiving and accept that he/she can make mistake despite your love.

Forgiveness brings an extra quality to life, you set yourself free when you set the other free from his mistake. It brings mutual freedom. Unconditional love creates unconditional forgiveness.

Nature never gives more or less to anyone, it doesn’t set any condition. A tree gives it shade to all, equally. Sunshine’s on everything equally, without any condition!

Be the human sunshine, love, forgive and be at peace!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Shine



Every evening I, my husband and kids go to the community park. While kids play around on the slides, I just roam around to capture the new angle, view or scene within the same park. This one I clicked a few days back, I think this one fits this theme. The shine filtered through branches and on leaves captured my vision and I captured the view in my camera. One more thing in preschool I have heard a new song (new for me, not sure about you :))

Rise and Shine,

Welcome to school today,

Rise and Shine,

Welcome to school today,

We are so glad you are here! 🙂

I love this song when I hear it my daughters’ school, how they sing with keeping low voice and high volumes, is so much fun 🙂

These two themes comes the same way as Rise and Shine, and I am glad :). I had so many photos where I have captured the shine, I chose this one being the latest.

Rise and Shine!!

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raDiate your raDiance

She was on a travel with close family, in early years of her age. They reached a sacred place and thought to spend some time there. She set on her place and closed her eyes, trying to find something inside her ( if you feel you have to find something within just close your eyes and see whatever you have kept inside).  She was somewhere in deep, without any idea of time or surroundings, she was inside.

When she opened her eyes, everyone was looking at her. Her relative politely asked and confirmed with a smile, that ‘you were in deep meditation, I guess’. She smiled and surprisingly asked what happened, looked around at everyone. She was told that there is a radiant energy on her face, that’s why everyone is looking at her. Her energy was flowing from her eyes and face.

The aura an energy surrounds everyone, but it becomes visible when a true soul is being recognized by self and spreads the positive energy for others wellbeing as well. The basic thing has to be known that is radiating and not holding anything within. Spreading positive energy is the best, to make life more radiant and bliss.

May, the blissful radiance surround you!