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हौंसले की ख़्वाहिश

यूं जिंदगी की राह में मजबूरियां नहीं चलती , चलते हैं हौंसले,

हौंसलों की डोर थामे ही चढ़ती हैं, ख्वाहिशें परवान,

वरना, ख़्वाहिशों की लम्बी परवाज़ नहीं होती,

ख़्वाहिश हो बड़ी तो हौंसला भी मज़बूत रखना,

थामे रखना उस डोर को यूं ,

की तूफ़ान में भी डगमगा न जाएं,

और, कश्ती में हौंसले की, ख़्वाहिशें अपनी मंज़िल पा जाएँ.

Yun zindagi  ki raah mein majbooriyaan nahi chalti, chalte hain hounsale,

hounsalon ki dor thame hee chadhti hain khwahishein parwaan,

Warna Khwahishon ki lambi parwaaz nahi hoti,

Khwahish ho badi toh hounsla bhi mazboot rakhna,

uss dor ko yuun mazboot rakhna,

ki tofaan mein bhi khwahishein dagmaga na jaayein,

kashti mein hounsale ki wo apni manzil paa jaayein.


Life goes on with courage, no excuses work in its way,

Aspirations only get to the path of success, holding the string of courage,

Aspiration doesn’t have a life of its own,

The bigger aspirations may need strong endurance,

Keep a strong hold on that string,

Storms may not drift the aim,

Only in the boat of courage, aspirations will get their base!









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let me FLY…

परवाज़ ली है मैंने ,
लौट कर आउंगी इक दिन अपनी ही शाख पर,
पर अभी मुझे उड़ने दो,
परवाज़ ली है मैंने, मैं हूं ज़िंदगी



I have taken a flight, let me fly,
will come back on my branch, when my will,

I have taken a flight, let me fly,

let me fly, higher and higher!

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The conversation with my school friend provoked my thoughts on encouragement and appreciation. And I am feeling the urge to write, as the thoughts are not leaving me, just like the daily prompt.

Avisha is trying to establish an online jewelry business, and she is at very initial stages. She thought to create an FB page and view the response at first place later she has plans to extend.

Today when I called her she was sounding, so much discouraged and her moral was down. I tried to lift her confidence, but, it is not that easy to get someone out of their thoughts.

The reason for her discouragement was that her work, images, posts on FB were not much appreciated, but discouraged, that too by her friends and family members. She is not a computer person, she knows only basics. Even though she is trying to come out of her cocoon, with all her possible strength, but yes results are slow. When she was in search for a dose of appreciation to boost her moral, she got discouragement. As a result of this, she was low and exhausted.

Our happiness is dependent on others appreciation. We know our strengths and weakness better than others, but why can’t we appreciate ourselves when we try to do something out of our scope. We say that we should be self-dependent, then why can’t we be self-dependent in self-appreciation as well.

Critics should be given in scope of improvement but not to criticize someone’s efforts. The world only looks at the results barring the efforts behind it.

We need to be more affectionate to our own self first, to be more content in growth.

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are they…iDenTical

two journeys  together,

one which is caring for kids as a mother,

collecting pennies for the future,

living and doing the daily chore,

cleaning and making the pancake batter,

doing everything to make life better,

second where i am sailing back to find my real soul,

holding nothing,  and letting it all go,

cleaning all the clutter,

and without keeping any matter,

just witnessing the other,

i just wonder,

am i identical to you!

Daily Prompt: Identical


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Ummmm, seems a little tricky word for me, though i have some moments of blush in my life when i really feel blushed. Those moments are when i visit to some office, bank or have to fill a form, and the person in front desk asks me my age. i have to look at my husband for the answer, as he is very quick with this :). Or, if he is not with me than i have to count by my tens and ones :).

No, don’t take me wrong,
i am not hiding my age,
it’s just i have stopped counting my days,
i am busy living everyday!