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👻can i PROVOKE you!-Life

Heartfelt Greetings!

If you are going to read till the end (your choice), you know what, you will meet life! 🙂

Do you imagine what the world is doing at this moment when I am writing this piece and you are reading,  let’s be, little weird and think…

Someone somewhere might be sleeping or exhausted, someone might be having dinner, some  might be in rush to the office to earn bread and some peanut butter, some might be taking walk or may be talking, some might be fighting for TV remote, some might be struggling to please their wife, husband or  in-laws or maybe someone is struggling with just the squeezing the finished toothpaste tube and so on.

 I provoke you
Get up, don’t need to stay like a slave to your situations ( you can cut the finished tube and take rest of the toothpaste out, it works :))
These situations are so momentary, they will be gone soon, it’s a big world.


If you are walking just smile at a person around and beware smile is contagious the other might get affected too, and may revert it ( handle with care)

To get up and see yourself in the mirror, appreciate, aren’t you a great creation of God, love yourself, Youuuu, are THE BEST

If it is the night look at the stars, and feel the quietness of the night, breathe the fresh air

If it’s raining there, go out and float some paper boat, jump or splash, have fun ( you can do laundry your clothes later, no worries )

Just look out the window, pretty sky, kids playing in the park, colorful flowers or quietly just feel the street atmosphere and the busy world around, the old man walking down the street

Just rise in love with your life, yes LIFE is truly beautiful, and thank God for it, live every bit

At this moment in time if you are in the somber mood, someone else got promotion or demotion, someone betrayed you or left you, if you are feeling jealous or insecure. You know that nothing will stay forever, neither the sadness nor the happiness. Everything will take the turn in everyone’s life. The time will change for everyone and for you too!

Be harmonious with your life,

all will be in place and peaceful, without any provocation!