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In true sense I feel that we should not really worry about number of our audience, but the performance. It goes with everything, even blogs!!

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playing the SOULful tune-quaRtet

The stage was getting ready with last minute titbits arrangements, for the famous quartet. Although the lights, chairs and some decorations all was ready. Outside the auditorium audience was waiting in huge number, it was a famous four, their favorite, was going to play. Every individual audience has bought their tickets at a good price, but it was for the first time this band is going to perform in their city. All the whispers and chats between them showed how much they were excited. Their tickets checked, and everyone was sent to their designated seats.

The auditorium was all so noisy, it was full of people with excitement and confusion over their seats. But they were expecting to be entertained by the famous four quartets. Their expectations were high for tonight.

Now it was the time to roll the curtains up, and for the performance. Everyone now whispering about the delay.

On the backstage, three from the quartet were already here but one of them could not make it on time due to a flight delay. The manager decided to announce this news to the audience, having the fear of a big chaos. He noticed a new junior college quartet was waiting to meet the music director in a dressing room, backstage. Like a ray of sun, an idea struck in his mind. He approached the junior quartet if they can play some music in front of the audience. It was a big opportunity for them, they jumped with joy, and accepted the offer.

Without any announcement manager sent them on stage, he just tried to avoid the chaos.  Holding their musical instruments, the junior four sat on their chairs. Hummmm but you know the audience is not so ignorant, they just recognized that they are not famous four. The voice against this was raised, they were feeling being fooled. With a quick nod from the manager, they (junior four) started their music. As the music started, everyone in the audience again settled on their seats. Through their ears, the music was entering into their hearts.

After one another they played their notes, producing music that has a message for the world. The music worked as a charm, the listeners were taken away from their worries and all their sadness was tattered. The melody was producing a life in every heart of the audience, their souls were being touched with the enthralling musical notes they played.
The audience could feel the togetherness of their soul, their heart their body parts were dancing along with the tune. The music, they had never experienced before.
When we don’t have words, let the music speak, to the soul!