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The below images are something, I am little scared of, SNAKES!

We were in Bhopal, and on the insistence of kids, we went to this Zoo. Van Vihar National Park situated in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. It has Snake  Interpretation Center as well. As they were inside the glass, it was easier to see them, Otherwise…..

During our visit, it was time for awakening, and they were coming out of their hibernation cycle.

The snakes were kind of dancing over the sticks, amazing, how could they manage to hold their body in the air. They held their body in the air for quite long, I even recorded the video of their dance.


Snake dance without any music, awakening! At first glance, it was hard to recognize if it a wooden stick or the snake!
This Python was just trying to climb and looked at me whenever I tried to see him. Thankfully the net was there in between two of us 🙂


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thththTalisman-Which of these🤔

There are 6 lamps in this pic, aren’t they look that they have magic in them. I saw these brass lamps in one of my visit to National Museum of Humankind situated in Bhopal, India. Several ancient lamps have been kept in this museum, as I was still thinking about the prompt and was just exploring my old pictures I found this one charismatic no .. no.. ‘talismatic’ :). This word (talismatic) doesn’t exist but I just loved it…talismatic.


She was skeptical, which one of these has a talisman, as she was in search of her lost charm.