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rrrrrrrRUSH-ant 🐜 rUsh

In a rush, noticed a trail of ants,

I asked one of the ants,

Why are you all running,

Holding so much load on your backs,

Ant turned his head staring at me,

Said, how ignorant you have been,

Can’t you feel, it’s going to rain,

I looked up at the sky,

A bunch of clouds smiled☁ and grinned,

Back to the ant, why you are in rush then,

Let’s enjoy the rain,

Ant looked at me, huffingly, she said,

Just assess the size of us and you,

You are tall enough, you can soak in the rain and get dry,

We are so tiny may get submerged in the rain,

And never see the beautiful world again!

I smiled, and said, I got your point,

But you can leave this load,

And swiftly reach the safety point,

This is not my load,

This is food for us, to survive,

During the odd situations,

We will need it, to sustain life, in our span of procrastinating!

A story of an ant, I have always seen ants in a rush especially during the start of the rainy season and during winters they hibernate inside their colonies. They collect food for the times they cannot survive the adverse weather conditions. And at times noticed they carry loads bigger than their own body size, they can carry more than their own weight.


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The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

I thank you, Karen (Blue Sky Days 365), for nominating FeelPurple, it is an honor and it makes me feel more responsible towards my content.  You can reach Karen here, she writes on Mental health, well-being, lifestyle blogger, and poet.  She writes poetry and insightful interesting experiences. Thanks so much again for your kind gesture!

The rules are as follows:

1.Acknowledge the blog who has nominated you
2.Reply to Eleven questions asked.
3.Nominate 11 other bloggers.
4.Ask them 11 questions.
5.Inform them about the nomination.

Answers to questions Karen asked:

  • What is your favorite time of day, and why?

The morning time when I wake up, the one hour before everyone else wakes up, is ‘Me time’. I use this one hour as and when for doing some Yoga exercises, stay with myself, with my thoughts and a cup of tea & sunshine near the window.

  • Which country have you visited most often?

It’s a country right, US.

  • What one thing would change your life for the better?

Very tough question, I am good whatever way I am, but yes maybe continuing my job, so that I could support some of my relatives in need.

  • What decade did you enjoy most and why?

All the decades came with something special, Not sure on what basis I choose one and reject another. So all the decades…

  • What would you spend a £1000/$1000 prize on?

At this moment, I will help someone very close to me if I get this much amount as a prize. Otherwise, I will travel to some other countries.

  • What was your favorite band as a child?

If I have to name one I will name Euphoria, I love all sort of music though.

  • What could you not live without?

Without my soul, I cannot live 🙂

  • What is your favorite play/musical/theatre show?

This one taking so much time, I  could not remember the names… I forget names mostly.

  • Which movie character do you identify most with?

I  can relate myself to any character is having a love for life and soulful energy.

  • Which person living or not, would you invite to dinner?

Sachin Tendulkar and Sushmita Sen, for setting living examples of something great.

  • What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

I used to eat vanilla and butterscotch.

For the Liebster Award, I nominate following (without any obligations, I am not sure if any of you is an Award-free blog):

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My Questions are :

  1. What is your favorite time of day, and why?
  2. Which country have you visited most often?
  3. What one thing would change your life for the better?
  4. What decade did you enjoy most and why?
  5. Your favorite place,  where you feel being with yourself?
  6.  Tell me about your best journey so far?
  7.  One mischief you remember from your childhood memory?
  8. Your best buddy or friend from school?
  9. What is the best activity suits you reading, writing-painting, eating or resting?
  10. Which person living or not, would you invite to dinner?
  11. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


Thanks So much for your love!

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THwART-A meDal on Her Shoulder

The year 2009-2010

The time when the first recession took place in IT!

It was early morning, there were some rumors spread all around about the WFM’s (Work Force Management), the companies are doing to sustain. The cost-cutting was already done with the small little things, like fewer tissue rolls, no wastage of food, or paper, less use of electricity and printers. Somehow these were the alarms that company is going through a tough phase.

And now the time was for layoffs. She came to office on time and was sitting on her desk.

An email arrived in her office email box, asking her to resign today, her contract was being terminated immediately. The email had all the formalities an office email has to, keeping the text polite. Even though the message was harsh, obviously whatever you coat on the sour thing sourness never completely disappears, leaves its taste.

The email was a shocking surprise, she immediately wanted to know if anyone else has got it too. She looked at her colleague, he was sitting next to her. The same expression on his face confirmed it that he is sailing in the same boat. Now, they both whispered something, probably to know if anyone else is also affected. Everyone else looked so unaware of the reality they were facing.

Soon the supervisor arrived and called both of them in the meeting room, and they followed him. The supervisor was a young man, having his own stories of dragged into this job (by his father), as he wanted to be an actor or producer and he was educated as a lawyer and working as a supervisor, a few years back only he was one of them only.

Inside the meeting room, they were told that he is feeling sorry to announce that company is doing layoffs and they have to resign from their jobs. It came as an additional burden, another frustration in their mind. The same thing announced, twice, once over the email, and now inside this 6X6 room. The same meeting room where they have been listening words of praise and appreciation, “that they were doing great”. They wanted to ask why, on what basis they have been chosen. Why not the guy who is so new, and still doesn’t very well knows the processes and functions(he sits just behind them). Is it because he was some relative of the supervisor?

Uhhhh, with everything going on inside their brain, they assured supervisor they will send a resignation email soon, in brief, the supervisor has told them the content, already.

She was little older to the guy who was sailing with her, at this time. She told him, ‘ok buddy, we have to anyways leave the job, but we are in office already and we have just started our today’s work, we will finish it and only then we will draft an email after that only’. She did not want to make her other colleagues, burdened with their work, on their last day.

With all the remaining positive energy, they were doing, their assigned work, it was taking little time. The tension was prevailing at the supervisor’s desk, he was eagerly waiting for the email. In these type of situations everyone gets worried about their own position, jobs and duties, so was he, he too was answerable to managers.

They finished their work and finally, an email was sent. Huuuhh, everything was over. The supervisor called them again in the meeting room, this time, with other colleagues as well. Ahhhh and another sugar-coated announcement was made, that these two brilliant and most efficient employees are leaving their office today only, and, as a farewell, we will go out for lunch (contribution).

The restaurant was a small open place, where all of those 12 were sitting, in rows of six and facing each other. In between, all the jokes and chatters, her mind was full of thoughts, and questions. How is she going to handle this sudden incident, how will she manage all the questions her friends family and relatives and especially in-laws going to ask her, why she is at home why she doesn’t go to the office. She doesn’t want any pity on this sudden thwart, from anybody, in between she could read the sympathy and pity in eyes of her colleagues. She was almost three months pregnant, she was planning to announce it soon, but before that this, announcement, she was facing.

Her brain was banging on another question continuously, was still their why only we two are chosen for layoff from our team. We were never told that we are not doing good, what happened to all those appreciations from managers. Now she was carrieng a virtual flag of her thwart, on her shoulder.

She already informed her husband about this layoff, he was coming to pick her soon. After lunch, all went back to the office building. The last time she was going to be there, she wanted to go back directly from the restaurant but she had to take all her belongings.

Her desk was well decorated with some real plants and some tiny-mini artifacts. She left the plants with one of her colleagues who helped her in her initial days when she joined.

She wanted to disappear immediately, seeoffs were little painful for her. Keeping her eyes away from others eyes, she wished goodbye to everyone. They both left in the same elevator, but ahead they had different aims, or rather aimless at that very point in time. She already got a call from her husband, he was waiting downstairs. She reached the car and buckled the belts. Husband politely asked that how is she doing? It becomes tough for even loved ones, to handle a person who is going through some sudden changes in life, and unexpected situations.

She just remained quiet, kind of sleepy head, it was a lot she had faced in last few hours.

They reached home, husband offered to go out for dinner, to make her feel better. She accepted it, she too wanted to go out, away from this place or from her thoughts.

The next morning was, as usual, she had her morning sickness, the first trimester. Husband left for office and she was alone. She was ready to face it. She chose to enjoy her little baby, growing inside instead of sickening thoughts, of, being laid off. A new morning brought new thoughts and new sunshine, she could not stand with her anxiety for long. The feeling of being thwart could not prevail, longer, the new life was growing inside her. She checked with her sailing partner, he also seemed fine, he was planning to post his resume on other companies.




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Somehow, I feel this word is miss-spelled it should be in-chocolate, ‘col’ seems to be missing :). Just kidding actually I myself is little inchoate, so it looked like this, to me, I wonder. Or, might be in my previous post I used the word ‘Chocolate’ 😎 hummmm.


Suddenly, with the introduction of this word inchoate, everything looks like incomplete, immature and yes, inchoate. We live life in four phases, mainly; child, young, middle age and old age. Every stage comes with certain accomplishments. We acquire education, higher education and find good jobs, or we do business. Wherever we are whatever we do, sometimes we feel that something is still missing from our attainments. And a feeling of anxiety prevails. In achieving all the outwardly medals, achievements, and fame we forget the most important thing, to live and to enjoy the life. We totally ignore the need to enjoy the small little things happening around us. We want to win every rat race, we are in. (We are no less than the Alexander the Great in our small world, with big aspirations).

I know life is not easy, it throws all the obstacles and barriers, but that’s not to stop you from living, but that is to make you more strong and mature as a pure human soul.

The perspective has to be changed to look at the things happening around us. I totally agree that if something bad happens to someone, any kind of loss leaves us stunned and in shock. But isn’t it, this is the time where we can find a way to grow, and we can collect all our strength to become even more, content and mature.

I have always felt, life is just like getting the higher education, the higher you go, tough exams you will face. Any sorrow or chaos is an exam you have to pass through, keeping calm, and towards tranquility.

Never forget, life throws happiness and sadness to everyone, it is just timing, that is different for all, the one who was sad yesterday is happy today, and the one who is sad today, will be happy tomorrow. Both of these sides keep changing for everyone, turn by turn. All this process is to make you feel more jubilant towards life and to make you enjoy every reason to smile.

And when you will face all the happiness and sadness, the only thing left will be peaceful harmony and benevolence, between body and soul, or inside and outside.

When you are sad and can you see what is making you sad, is it worthy of being sad and leaving the chance to smile with the person sharing a good news with you?

When you are happy and won some award, can you see the happiness of yourself and feel the sadness of your opponent, the one who could not win?

Towards tranquility…