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doppelganger- no Doppel and Ganger

Doppel and Ganger were running after eachother. Even for their mothers now it was tough to tell who is Doppel and who is Ganger, they wore same shirts as well. One of the mother called Do..oppel, and thought that now Doppel will respond. Doppel and Ganger were smarter they just looked at each other and one winked to other😉, and the other said ‘yes Mommy’.

With so much confidence Mommy looked at his son and then gazed at the Other mommy.

She took her son and wished them good bye.

Doppel and Ganger were cousins living in same city.

Ganger went inside with Mom and asked for some ice cream with lots of chocolate on it. Ahhhh mommy sighed and said Doppel it’s you? Doppel was little confused how she came to know so quickly……😎

The car stopped outside and Ganger and mommy came out screaming look Jaycee they have exchanged their identity for a while.

The mom Jaycee smiled and said yes just now I also got to know.

Both Doppel and Ganger were so confused 😗😏 looked at each other in wonder how come mothers came to know…. Ahhh we could not enjoy a bit of this.

Mommy’s smiled and said look we always say mommy knows everything DOPPELGANGER!’

This word made me smile, it’s too big unnecessarily so I thought wring it this way like two words have been combined.

The heart and mind keep running each other but the innermost soul know everything.