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With Love-Sunday Trees!


Autumn tree as beautiful as Spring tree!

Participating in Becca’s Sunday Trees theme.

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Take on ParTake

We attended a Starlabs program yesterday!

It was so much fun, watching the stars and knowing brief information about them. The program was around 10-15 minutes duration and we all enjoyed it. The presenter was named as StarMan :).

We could see the Ursa Major (Saptrishi-Hindi) he called it the Big Dipper and the Pole Star (Dhruv Tara) and many more.

Starman told us about the position of stars and constellations formed by them. It was interesting and he inspired kids to see and form some constellations during the night.

In the end, Starman made an appeal in relation to (today’s) Earth Day. He suggested if we can partake a bit in saving our Mother Earth. We can plant a tree or turn off all electrical items and use candles instead for almost two hours or more.

With keeping his notes in mind ( I will turn off lights in the evening and will plant a tree next few weeks due to weather conditions) I am trying to think more options to heal our Mother Earth.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

I think nothing better than these three things we can do.

Reduce plastic waste and electricity uses. Reuse old items papers, bags, clothes etc. Recycle the items like paper, cans, bottles etc.

I know you are also concerned about Mother Earth’s health. And I know you are also partaking to help and heal our own planet.

Please do share your ideas how can we participate in making mother Earth more happy and healthy.


I am eager to know!