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The conversation with my school friend provoked my thoughts on encouragement and appreciation. And I am feeling the urge to write, as the thoughts are not leaving me, just like the daily prompt.

Avisha is trying to establish an online jewelry business, and she is at very initial stages. She thought to create an FB page and view the response at first place later she has plans to extend.

Today when I called her she was sounding, so much discouraged and her moral was down. I tried to lift her confidence, but, it is not that easy to get someone out of their thoughts.

The reason for her discouragement was that her work, images, posts on FB were not much appreciated, but discouraged, that too by her friends and family members. She is not a computer person, she knows only basics. Even though she is trying to come out of her cocoon, with all her possible strength, but yes results are slow. When she was in search for a dose of appreciation to boost her moral, she got discouragement. As a result of this, she was low and exhausted.

Our happiness is dependent on others appreciation. We know our strengths and weakness better than others, but why can’t we appreciate ourselves when we try to do something out of our scope. We say that we should be self-dependent, then why can’t we be self-dependent in self-appreciation as well.

Critics should be given in scope of improvement but not to criticize someone’s efforts. The world only looks at the results barring the efforts behind it.

We need to be more affectionate to our own self first, to be more content in growth.

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The Month of Squares-Squaring the Circle

My first entry for:

This is an earthen lamp in cubic shape, i found it today in a store.

Becky’s March month of Squares Challenge.  Her rules are:

Becky’s rules are pretty simple for this square challenge:

  1. ‘Squared Squares’ – think multiple squares and squares within squares
  2. ‘Squaring the Circle’ – the perfect post will be a circle within a square
Here is my very square (with rounded corners) photo for the day.
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1.I’d rather be…SpREADING CoLORS🎨🌍

I am not sure if I would get that time in near future, where I can think to do “Rather” this or that.  But yes if I get this option I will be playing with my colors and brush strokes and canvases. They are waiting for me in a corner of my house!img_20171114_185821.jpg

If the canvas is not there I can even paint the wall, colors make me smile without reason, I feel true to myself.

Rather-Weekly Photo Challenge


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An old man sitting on the sideways of a busy road, with the small stall of chalks. An onlooker, thought to help and bought some of the chalks, and tried to pay amount more than he has asked. The old man returned the rest of the amount. When requested to keep the remaining amount, he just shook his head and gazed at the onlooker with an expression that he doesn’t want any favor. He kept the amount at the edge of his small stall, in the direction where the onlooker was standing puzzled. The old man went back to his work, cutting and trimming the chalks.

The onlooker was none other than me, on return from one of our vacations. I was waiting outside a shop, my husband was buying water for our journey. I was engrossed looking at him, and work he was doing dedicatedly. The wrinkles were reflecting, it has been many years he is busy earning for survival. The walking stick presented that he needs a support to walk. And as I wondered who would be waiting for him at home, his wife with cooked food or his sons and daughters.

The white thing in the picture is kind of thin chalk, used for writing on chalkboards. The decoration with pink roses revealed welcoming he was.


The black glasses on eyes shows that he is having sunlight sensitivity.  Or had some eye surgery.

At the age when people think to just rest and relax this man was working in harsh sunlight. I captured him with my pocket camera to admire and get inspired in my lifetime. It really is unusually inspiring and fascinating.

I salute this unknown Glorious Old Man!

STORY – Weekly Photo Challenge

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tHe ComFORT of MoThEr👩‍👧-CaptiVATING

Oh, dear mother…

Those were the days of captivation I remember,

I  miss and I wish to be there,

Those were the days I cherish forever,

I was just a free bird in your care,

Those were the days of my pleasure,

I  always recall as my treasure,

Those were the days of no measures,

I just had enough full days of leisure,

Oh, dear mother …

Most captivating is, being with you, in your care,

I am a mother of two beautiful girls now,

And I am captivated by all their affair,

Still, at times I crave for the same fascination I had in your sphere!

Oh Dear Mother I really Miss You Everywhere!💖