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no guilty-just be conscious

Every society has defined certain rules, if one cross those rules, the person is found guilty, as he or she has performed a sin. Right and wrong are a social phenomenon, a different set of rules in every society. But when we are spiritually aware and conscious we are more inclined towards the human growth. Being spiritually aware means you are aware of your deeds.

To elaborate a little more, when we feel that we would not like to do a certain thing to do, to our self, we would also not do it to others. If some action does not work for us we would not want to do it to another person.

I remember this quote from my school days, it was written in Hindi:

वैसा ही व्यवहार करो जैसा तुम अपने लिए चाहते हो (waisa hee vyavahar karo jaisa tum apne liye chahte ho) Translation : Behave as you would like for yourself.

Inculcating the guilt, fear, and shame keeps a human away from spiritual awareness, spiritual evolution, and growth as a human.

Spiritual consciousness is the key, to stay away from guilt.

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The weekend went by…

Ahh! finally, another weekend is gone (actually Monday is also gone just noticed :)) and another mother’s day 🙂 leaving lots of memories to cherish. I hope you all had a great weekend too!!


You know what, yesterday, I was bombarded with craft, these girls made for me. Both of them were very excited to show me what they have made only for me. Bookmark, jewelry box, nature cards, and a cloth mat, and beautiful messages are written over them. Not only this they planned lunch with their dad so I don’t have to cook, at least for a day. 🙂

I was so touched by all their effort and feelings for me. I always knew they love me, but all this effort considering their age, ahhh it’s like……. actually can’t explain it!

On this weekend all three days, mostly we spent outside. Whatever I have posted during the weekend was like I was stealing time from them. I had to busy them in something and then write my daily prompts :), actually, I don’t want to break the chain of my daily prompts. Here I am sharing some pictures from our visit to the lake, it is not too far from our home.

Finally, Spring was visible with quite lush green and purple colors. This time all the trees had strong signs of spring.

I wish you all a very happy and joyous week ahead, Rise and Shine!!

Keep Smiling:)

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don’t beTray YourSelf…

I don’t know what should I write in today’s world prompt ‘Betrayed’. I don’t think I have betrayed someone, or someone betrayed me (at least I feel this way, people around may have different thoughts). It’s just we took our decisions whenever there were some obligations were involved.

Though I have heard and read many stories on betrayal like a boyfriend or husband betrayed the girlfriend, or vice-versa. A man, a father of two teenage girls left their mother for a younger girlfriend of his, a woman a mother left husband and kids for some other man in her life and so on. It is a very sensitive topic and a sensitive feeling for every individual, having a different state of mind at the moment.

We enter or create a relationship to fulfill our needs to have some kind of satisfaction or security. On the other hand, the other person has also entered into the relationship for his/her needs and satisfaction and security. When we feel that we have a great value in other person’s life we miss that they are also adding some great value to our life. And the start of expectation, and ‘end of love’, cause a feeling of betrayal.

The source of feeling ‘betrayed‘ is when we expect a return, in our relationships. Love, love is a feeling we get when we are with somebody-someone special. It should not be confused with physical attraction or needs, that may change over time. We should nurture love with our affection, and kind gesture, but love, itself, is not physical and it doesn’t look for returns. It’s a feeling, without any obligations. The deal doesn’t exist in love!

Anyways we have to leave people behind, and people leave us behind. And we live our own lives, without any oxygen cylinder on our back. It is one life don’t betray yourself and live it completely. Our happiness should not be a burden for others, be happy for your own life!


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An old man sitting on the sideways of a busy road, with the small stall of chalks. An onlooker, thought to help and bought some of the chalks, and tried to pay amount more than he has asked. The old man returned the rest of the amount. When requested to keep the remaining amount, he just shook his head and gazed at the onlooker with an expression that he doesn’t want any favor. He kept the amount at the edge of his small stall, in the direction where the onlooker was standing puzzled. The old man went back to his work, cutting and trimming the chalks.

The onlooker was none other than me, on return from one of our vacations. I was waiting outside a shop, my husband was buying water for our journey. I was engrossed looking at him, and work he was doing dedicatedly. The wrinkles were reflecting, it has been many years he is busy earning for survival. The walking stick presented that he needs a support to walk. And as I wondered who would be waiting for him at home, his wife with cooked food or his sons and daughters.

The white thing in the picture is kind of thin chalk, used for writing on chalkboards. The decoration with pink roses revealed welcoming he was.


The black glasses on eyes shows that he is having sunlight sensitivity.  Or had some eye surgery.

At the age when people think to just rest and relax this man was working in harsh sunlight. I captured him with my pocket camera to admire and get inspired in my lifetime. It really is unusually inspiring and fascinating.

I salute this unknown Glorious Old Man!

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