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Let us do it-कुछ तुम कहो…

Finally, this one is getting published, it was in drafts for some time!

Chalo yuun kar lein,
Kuch tum kaho, kuch hum kahein,
Kuch batein hon phoolon ki,
Kuch batein usoolon ki,
Kuch khoye sapane dhoonde,
Kuch khoye apne dhoonde,
Chalo, Chalo yuun kar lein,
Kuch tum suno, kuch hum bhi sunein,
Wo chaand adhaa sa, kehta hai Kya,
Chalo aaj baat, uski poori toh sunein,
Alfaaz bhi jo na keh paayein ahsaas wo,
Aao ek duje ki dhadkano mein sune,
Chalo yuun kar lein,
Jazbaat apne, apne apno, se kahein,
Chalo yuun kar lein,
Kuch tum kaho, kuch hum sune,
Kuch tum suno, kuch hum kahein!!




चलो यूं कर लें,
कुछ तुम कहो, कुछ हम कहें,
कुछ बातें हों फूलों की,
कुछ बातें उसूलों की,
कुछ खोए सपने ढूंढे,
कुछ खोये अपने ढूंढे,
चलो, चलो यूं कर लें,
कुछ तुम सुनो, कुछ हम भी सुनें,
वो चाँद आधा सा, कहता है क्या,
चलो आज बात, उसकी पूरी तो सुनें,
अलफ़ाज़ भी जो न कह पाएं अहसास वो,
आओ एक दूजे की धड़कनों में सुने,
चलो यूं कर लें,
जज़्बात अपने, अपने, अपनों से कहें,
चलो यूं कर लें,
कुछ तुम कहो, कुछ हम सुने,
कुछ तुम सुनो, कुछ हम कहें!!



Let’s we do it,
You say something,
I will say something too,
Some talks about flowers or about our ethics,
Let’s discuss some lost dreams,
And some of the lost dear ones,

Come on, let’s do it,
You listen to some, some I will listen,
That glorious half Moon is saying something,
Let’s hear the complete story tonight,
Feelings which are yet untold,
Let’s try to hear those in our heartbeats,

Come on, let’s do it,
Let us share our emotions, with our friends today,
Let us do it, come let’s do it,
You say something, I will hear,
I will say something,  you please hear!!

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A mother crying holding her dead son,

With teary eyes and body numb,

No one can console her,

The most distress moment, of motherhood!!

A mother is crying holding her new born,

With teary eyes and body numb,

She is a first time mom,

The most cherished moment, of motherhood!!

Birth and death the two realities of life. It is really difficult to explain a mother’s feelings when she has to go through these two emotions. Niether it is easy to explain a mother’s pain on a loss of her child, nor her happiness when she gives birth to a new life!

The juxtapose feelings.

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toXic-keep it around!

Have you ever thought not running away from toxic people, what would be the result? If you stop running away from people, you feel are toxic to you, what would happen?

Ok, let me give you a hint, the below pic…

We always say it Lotus blooms in muddy water!

What do you see, a beautiful lotus or the dirty-muddy water underneath.

What I see is a lotus, blooming out of the unpleasant thing. The toxic people around us are just like this muddy water, if we try to run away we lose a chance to become a Lotus.

When I was a kid, my father used to tell, that where ever you go, you will find three types of people, one, friendly, mutually your wavelength matches,  two, you have no business with them, and they don’t have anything for you, and three people who may not like you, and you too may not like them, you find some toxic feeling around them. I found it how true this is. So there is no escape, you will find all the varieties everywhere!

The moment you realize they are like that only, you will change, you will no more get affected by the toxic. You will start blossom into a beautiful human, a beautiful soul!



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2. Wrinkled MemOries-I lived

I stumbled in front of a glass door,

the reflection disclosed,

how pretty you looked at your young age,

without any visible folds on the face,

I stumbled back in that age,

where I laughed, I winked, I smiled without a drift, I made faces and I lived,

I cared for I loved and I worried about future,

I entertained my kids,

I expressed my soul in all possible ways, as I lived, I loved, one, we call life,

in return, I got some stamps as wrinkles on my face, of moments I cherished,

I lived and I loved,

and now, all the memories brought twinkles in my eyes!

Every wrinkled face is a proof that he or she has lived every emotion of life!


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1.I’d rather be…SpREADING CoLORS🎨🌍

I am not sure if I would get that time in near future, where I can think to do “Rather” this or that.  But yes if I get this option I will be playing with my colors and brush strokes and canvases. They are waiting for me in a corner of my house!img_20171114_185821.jpg

If the canvas is not there I can even paint the wall, colors make me smile without reason, I feel true to myself.

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