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Flower of the Day-17th May 2018



Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light.

-Theodore Roethke


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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rain

Hey, I am also taking a chance to participate Here goes my entry is my entry for Frank’s over at Dutch Goes the Photo Blog Tuesday Photo Challenge -Rain.  This photo was taken in a medicinal maze garden named Nakshatra Garden (Horoscope Garden) in Silvasa.

Overall it was a fabulous experience and a superb place to be.

Heavy rain shower made the foggy site, and everyone took shelter under the small huts inside the garden.

We were visiting there for the first time and it was raining all the time, even then we enjoyed the garden greenery and pleasant weather. The gardens attraction is the planetary depiction of associated plants as per India Astrology.


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LiFe is WoNdEr, NaTuRe is Wonderful

Lifes Wonder

wonder to me

how two people think alike sitting on the different shore of life,

wonder to me

how different size and shaped people all look beautiful when they wear a smile

wonder to me

how we are destroying our nature who has given us everything for our life

wonder to me

how we all start our journey as an innocent child and then end up as immoral being

wonder to me

how a woman considered the power and treated as tender and fragile

wonder to me

how a single ray of sunshine takes all the darkness and twilight

wonder to me

how come we all need peace in the first place and only some of us try

wonder to me

how we spend money and time on to cherish man-made wonders but we ignore the humankind

The most beautiful wonder is LIFE, live it to its fullest!



Wishing a wonderful Life to everyone😊




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Come along, leave the shell
Enjoy the old rusted ringing bell,
Open your heart and feel the breeze

Come along, take a deep breath
Leave behind all the miseries,
Dare to face your fear
The world will look more clear

Come along, let’s rake
Don’t encrust behind the fake
The era has come to life’s remake

Come along leave the shell, Come along, take a deep breath, Come along, let’s rake!

**This was in response to Daily word prompt Encrust, which somehow I could not publish at that time.
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A Hidden FoReSt🌳 : BrAnCh🌱

Feeling engrossed how a single word can have contrasting spirits and many branches in one’s life. The single word can have many stories around it. And it becomes very tricky which one to choose and which one to lose. Would the chosen one the most effective or the one which is left would have been more effective.  Ahhh! a typical day is having a lot of branches, apart from what’s going on in life and on this particular day.

Family, friends and loved ones all have great importance in life, just like a tree having different branches all in the different direction. It becomes really difficult to come up with one single emotion at times when you face or hear different sort of news or views from them. At times someone might share a good news and the other might share a bad news, same day and it really seems difficult to feel the right emotion, Happy for one and Sad for the other one. Then the choice becomes, console and show the pleasure to them accordingly, and move on with your own life.

In my school and college days, I used to do lots of gardening and I had good knowledge about that at that time, (maybe I still have that somewhere stored in my brains hard disk  :)). During that time I had created many new plants from branches. It was really an achievement and gave me self-satisfaction to do it without having much knowledge or training. If we see it in depth doesn’t it imply a branch itself can become a tree if provided with some extra effort and care? But yes for every plant the process is different, everyone needs separate treatment.

The same way family trees have several branches and at a certain point of time, those little branches become the main tree nurturing their own branch, leaves, and roots. The life, the world, goes around the branch of different streams. The one having more power, strength and more importance get rooted itself or by someone.

We need to be that essential branch of a big tree with the potential to become root on our own grounds. The demand would be to stay stronger even when there are storms or hindrances in growth.

And there are branches for offices, schools, banks, colleges, classes and higher studies and so on.

One day a branch of a tree asked me,
what would be my future,
would I have the same destiny as the tree,
or would I have my own fate,
I asked,
If you are ready to face the consequences,
if you be courageous to stay alive,
stay fearless against storms on the way,
not get effected of changing seasons and reasons,
You will definitely make your own prospects…