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Genie- Disappered!

I rubbed the lamp and she came out,
She was quite big not so tiny,

Genie said I will grant you today’s one wish,

The rule was one wish a day for three days only,

I was not sure, how to choose one from an unlimited stock of pending list,
Give me some time I will come up with something,

Taking some time I queried how does she live inside,

Smiling glowing face of her so beautiful and stunning,

Unrolling her story she has been cursed to stay in the dark,

Having a lamp as her home,
But I have no lights in,

I immediately ask her how will she be free,

Only if the owner of this lamp,
Soulfully wishes for my freedom,
A hard spell breaker, no one could yet do this,

I decided I will do so,

Surprisingly, she asked what about your own wishes,
You will lose all your wishes if you wish for my freedom,

I smiled and said this is not the first time,

My wishes will remain on my wishlist,                                                                                        Unrolling a list from pocket it went till the doormat,
I have so much of practice,
Holding my breath, I will keep wishing for fewer wishes,

I firmly wished from now I sat you free,
You can live wherever you feel it,

With teary eyes smile on lips,
She bowed and showing her gratitude,
I said both of us got the freedom,

You from the lamp and I from my wishlist,

She smiled before disappearing,                                                                                                    She blessed me with love and peace, within me!