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astONish-makeUp, astONish-no makeUp

It was their first meeting, she wore a fabulous dress nice hairdo, he was almost surprisingly shocked to see her for the first time.

Soon they announced the wedding, the date was fixed and guests were invited.

On that day she entered the wedding place, wearing rosy red lehenga and deep brown eyes, highlighted eyelashes, rosy red lipstick, bindi on forehead and bangles on her wrist, Mehandi on her hands and the jewelry any Indian bride will wear. Everyone was amazed as she walked towards the stage, she looked just like some divine princess. Everyone was gazing at her in full astonishment, and the Groom was not at all an exception. He could not believe how beautiful his, would be wife looks, he was praising himself for having such a beautiful wife.

All the rituals were done and now they were husband and wife. The farewell took place and later they reached the groom’s house. The new bride was welcomed and everyone was stunned to see her beauty and grace.

As they all were tired both groom and bride were sent to take some rest, and the rest of the rituals were delayed for a few hours. The bride thought to have a nap in her room. Her husband was also there and he also thought to have some rest.

Both of them slept for a little longer as they were too tired, someone knocked on the door and they woke up. When the husband looked at his wife he screamed with shock and asked her that who is SHE? One of her beautiful extended eyelashes was sticking on her cheek, the red bindi was on the right side of the forehead, the mascara and the kajal were dragged towards the ear, her jewelry was all messed up and hair was like a nest on her head.

This was the journey of, astonished makeup!

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Meanings for reference-

Lehenga- A bridal dress, It comes in three pieces 1, Skirt, 2, Blouse, 3. Dupatta or stole.
Bindi-a circular point women wear in India.                                                      Mehandi-Henna Tattoo.